Get well soon.

September 02, 2014

No, I haven't died. (Inappropriate humour considering my last post but whatever hahahhaa). I just haven't been on the internet much because I'm really sick right now. I've been running a fever for more than one full week already and I finally went to the doctor yesterday.

Had a fever of 39°C and really bad throat infection. Even the doctor was shocked by how bad my throat infection was because some parts of my neck was swollen. Also, I have occasional chest pains and I can't sit up for too long without leaning on something if not I'll feel giddy and have a blackout.

I felt so bad that I had to cancel a lot of plans with my friends due to me being ill but thankfully they were all really understanding hehe. I'm on a lot of medications right now and I'm drowsy most of the time but hopefully I'll get well reaaaaal quick and update this space soon.

Can't wait to get better, and be out again.

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