I ♡ Internet

June 04, 2015

Because who doesn't love the Internet right? 

And I've been so addicted to Internet shopping recently!!! I can't find the time for a much-needed physical retail therapy since I've been so busy with school so I’ve been scrolling through online stores so much. Honestly, I have absolutely no idea what am I wearing half the time because school has been so hectic nobody really cares about what they wear to school anymore.

But thank god I’m not too out of trend because at least I've been following some recent fashion trends with Zalora. I actually got inspired to put together this outfit after looking through the catalog for their cute and quirky trend. Cute is totally my style and I guess quirky is what I'd like to imagine myself to be? LOL. But the main point is that I didn't spend too much on this! Just dug around my old wardrobe for some old pieces that I've never worn after getting inspired and taadaaa!

I hope I inspired you to take a look at the recent fashion trends and try to improvise with what you already have! The first rule of shopping is that fashion doesn't always have to be expensive. And the second rule is if you don't have something - buy it! You can never have too much of anything ;-)

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