Turning Twenty

January 02, 2016

A few years back, I would countdown to my birthday with my friends and even start reminding everyone as far as a month before. There's something about my birthday this year that's different... I hardly reminded anyone at all and I spent my birthday eve (aka new year's day wtf) working on my resume, piecing together my portfolio and job hunting. I didn't even realise how near it was to my birthday until someone asked if I'm excited. It's almost as if I didn't care anymore - and I thought so too - until the clock struck 12.

No texts.

I waited a bit more.


I don't expect a birthday bash or any surprise at my doorstep anymore because these things never happen to me, but boy, I never expected no one to care either. By 2am, I received a total of five texts which I'm immensely grateful for.  What a stark contrast it was to 2011 or even just two years back. I guess it's true that when you grow up, you lose people huh? You realise that you're friends with some people only because you see them five times a week in school.

Then things that I don't use to care about suddenly mattered again. I suddenly remembered the people that I told myself were out of my life for good again. Old wounds opened up again. The ex-friend whom I thought was my closest friend in secondary school left me behind. The one who said he will be there to listen to my sorrows whenever I need him forgot about me. The people I trusted... Where are they?

And perhaps, the person who disappointed me most has to be the guy who once fought to whatsapp me and tweet me happy birthday first doesn't acknowledge my existence anymore. It's disheartening because he will never admit it but it's so glaringly obvious. I never spoke about this publicly nor have I confided in my friends yet but I can feel myself reaching my breaking point real soon. Maybe I'm exaggerating things but he always knew how important it was to me. I never understood his logic but I guess it shouldn't matter anymore because he doesn't care.

This was how I spent the first hour of 20th birthday in tears. I wanted to crawl into bed and hug myself till I feel better but I had work to complete. I even managed to force myself to finish penning this post, redesigning my blog banner, some sidebar icons and the photo above. Is this how growing up feels like? Being responsible even when you feel like shit.

If I were completely honest with myself, by the first ten minutes of my birthday, I already couldn't wait for it to be over. I bawl my eyes out every 2nd January; it has turned into a routine and routines don't just change. I've had lousy birthdays literally every year since 2009. By now I can officially say that I hate birthdays.

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  1. Hey Emo girl, as I grow older I don't even care about my birthday...am I normal...or is just me?