Time Out

April 24, 2016

I'm pretty sure you've heard of the drama and yes, I'm currently taking some time off social media.

I don't know how long will it last because every time I try, I end up coming back after a week or even less hahaha. Pains of being addicted to social media I guess. But this time I hope I can control myself and just stay away for a little longer. It's a much needed break; I need this time to reconsider my choices in life because I seem to always make bad decisions (nervous laughter).

I still love writing and I tried taking my writing to a private platform as some suggested, like a private blog or even a physical diary, but failed miserably because I'm so used to "talking" to an "audience" that it feels weird writing to myself. Perhaps I need more time to find my voice again, or maybe I'll end up going back to what I always know.

I think I'll be back someday but not before I make up my mind, do I continue writing here or should I start afresh? I can't bear the thought of leaving behind what I've been building for years but sometimes it's essential to let go of some things before I can move on, isn't it?

Most importantly, I need to get my priorities right first. Indeed, life is a good teacher and I have so many lessons to learn - how to be a better person and to take responsibilities for my actions. I've repeated this a million times but I'm extremely thankful for everyone who's been supporting me through the difficult times. As I always said, life is tough but so am I. :)

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See y'all sometime soon.


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