slowly but surely

May 01, 2016

hello i am back. haha, i knew i couldn't stay away for long.

i was so stressed out by my life the past week with too many things happening all at once. it's like the drama never ends and i was so frustrated because i had no outlets to vent that i kind of snapped, got myself shit drunk and made tons of people worry about me. i think i was more miserable away from my blog than i was putting myself online what the heck hahaha.

still, i thought the break was necessary. i discovered a little more about myself during this time and also learnt to control how much of my life should i put online. i also found a few drafts in my old blog that i'll be posting here over the past few days. some poetries, some half-written posts that i lost inspiration for, some posts written about the exes or the guys i dated that i thought weren't good enough to be published. but since i'm starting anew, i guess i could post some of them here.

i'm still deciding which direction this blog will go. i kind of like the state my blog is in right now - clean and new, and i can write in whatever way i want because there's no prior expectations. my posts don't need to be of a "certain standard" before i hit publish. no stress whatsoever, i love it.

at the same time, i had quite a few useful posts on my previous blog (which is now locked up) ranging from movie reviews to study tips to jpsae interview guide so i really don't know if i should reopen that blog again. i guess it's a psychological factor - i definitely can treat my old blog like this blog too and just let my thoughts flow; it's my own expectations that jams up the process.

i'm back but i still need more time to figure things out but as the saying goes, sedikit-sedikit lama-lama menjadi bukit. i'm stepping back into social media, slowly but surely.

hello, it's good to be back. :)

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