To the future girlfriend of the guy who was once the love of my life

June 29, 2016

"He's going to move on someday. When you let go of him, you have to be okay with it. It sucks, but it will happen. It may be anytime in the future but it won't be today, and when that day comes, we'll face it together. I promise you." — 13 days after we broke up, I saw the reality of things and started bracing myself.

I only wanted to post this when I'm completely sure that I've moved on from our relationship and let go of him because I knew I couldn't stand the thought of him being with another. Several litmus tests and almost six months later, I know the time arrived. :)


(written February 2016)

To the future girlfriend of the guy who once was the love of my life,

When you read this, I'll probably be over him but as of now, my hands are shaking so bad as I type and my vision is blurred. I'll always care for him and I want the best for him, which explains this post. Instead of the trial and error I went through, I hope you can learn through my mistakes so that you'll never make them. Instead, use your time to love him better than I did.

If you are as much of a stalker as I was, you'll want to know about our past. I'll tell you all the good parts next time and leave him to update you with my flaws but you'll have to do a bit of digging because he doesn't kiss and tell. Then again, trust me, that's not important at all. Know that he loves you and you only. I am just someone from his past and I no longer matter.

I wouldn't lie — I'm jealous as hell that I'm not that girl blessed with more time with him. I hope you are, and I hope you can bring him all the happiness I wasn't able to. He was my dream guy, and the more I learnt about him, the more I loved him. If anything, his flaws made him even more perfect. And I hope you'll learn to love his every quirk as well.

His language of love is acts of service. He won't tell you I love you every hour of the day, but you should know that he loves you through the little things he did. He will buy you your favourite food when you come over to his place, he will get you the best ice cream so long as you mention that you are craving for it, he will let you pick the movies you want to watch, he will pick you up from work/school as much as he can.

I hope your love language isn't words of affirmation because he's a man of few words. He will appreciate the things you do, but find it hard to put it into words. He will say them once in a while but he is really grateful for every single thing you did for him. He likes receiving handwritten letters but he probably won't mention it to you. Spoil him with encouragement whenever you can.

He loves asking people to surprise him when asked what would he like to eat or drink. When he says that, get him coca cola, green tea or teh peng. He loves chicken rice and the clam chowder from Long John Silver's but he generally eats anything. He likes cafe hopping and wants to visit all the cafes in Singapore one day.

He always forgets his earpiece when he leaves his house so please remind him. Occasionally, he forgets his keys as well. He's extremely careless with his phone, often tossing it aside after a long day, remind him to stop doing that or he'll have to spend extra cash repairing his phone. He's ticklish in lots of places but his ultimate tickle spot is his hipbone. He's extremely sensitive and can't even stand the slightest touch there.

He likes girls to dress up and look good, he won't mind you spending time on your make up and hair. He has something for girls in braids and floral prints. I hope you dress more maturely than me though, because he doesn't like girls wearing kids t-shirts.

He gets cold easily so bring a jacket along whenever you can. If you catch him shivering — something I always loved watching because I found it cute, know that he'll never admit that he's cold and he'll want you to keep that jacket but INSIST that he wears it. He falls sick easily from the cold. He's a neat freak so I hope you'll tidy his room for him and keep his things clean. He'll appreciate it.

He has a bad temper but he'll never admit that he's angry. I left him alone to cool down whenever he flared up in the past, but I hope you'll be the one who can calm him down because I never knew what to do. He neglects the people he love sometimes so please remind him to spend more time with them. He has a dream — I won't tell you what because you'll find out soon enough — please encourage him to chase it. I have always believed in his abilities, I hope you do too.

There's so much more about him that I've yet to find out because I didn't have the chance to spend as much time with him as I wanted to. Never in a million years did I think that I would be writing something like this because I always envisioned a future with him. I hope you can be everything that I never was to him. Love him right and you'll be the lucky one. I wish you both all the best and I hope that you'll be his happily ever after.

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  1. And is he the one where you were the 3rd party? Where you got involve with a guy despite knowing he has a wife?

    1. don't assume when u dk anything????? lol

    2. Yes dont assume if you dont know anything. Read her post title.