3 beauty hacks for busy bees (or if you're simply lazy)

July 19, 2016

Growing up, my mom constantly nagged at me, “世界上没有丑女人,只有懒女人。” (Translation: There's no ugly women in this world, only lazy ones.") And you know they say about mothers know best. Unfortunately, cursed with the lazy genes, I never found myself sticking to skincare routines my mom or any beautician created for me.

It got even worse when I stepped into the work force — challenged by the lack of time, I found it even harder to wake up earlier every morning to apply make up before leaving for work. Even worse, I couldn't imagine myself going through the trouble of removing my make up then slapping on a thousand and one products when all I want to do is collapse on my bed.

To top everything off, I have to frequently travel to various drugstores hunting for different products and they, annoyingly, get used up at different rates, which means I have to travel several times just to get different products.

As everyone says, lazy people find the easiest method to complete a hard job. In a bid to maximise the time I have for sleeping and nua-ing around, these are three of my personal favourite tips I learnt after almost a year of working in an office.

1. Need more sleep? No problem!

On slothful days, on days you woke up late, bad hair days, when you spent too much time on your make up because your game is damn weak — you just need one bottle of dry shampoo to solve all your problems. It's not hard to see why this is my holy grail ;)

A few seconds and one spray is all it takes for you to freshen up and step out of your house feeling like a goddess, but remember to only use it between washes to give your scalp some time to breathe!

2. Make up removal, cleanser, facial wash... Where got time?

The process of removing make up is the main reason I hate dolling up! Instead of standing in front of my mirror, removing layers of make up step by step, I just want to crash after a long day, which is why when my mom introduced foam cleansers to me, it changed my entire life. Imagine removing make up and cleansing your face at the same time — probably the second miracle after Jesus' resurrection.

3. Skip the queues

In this age of technology, is there anyone who hasn't shopped online? Because I absolutely loath jostling through the crowds during GSS to I get my beauty products at a cheaper price, this tip is my favourite of the lot. Browsing through beauty products in your ugly clothes might seem like the world's largest irony but trust me, nothing feels more satisfying than shopping at the comfort of your home.

You can window-shop without getting judged by salespersons, have all the time in the world to research about different products, and most importantly, it's easy for you to compare prices. Then again, if you're a lazy person like me, you'll probably find it more convenient to get all your items in one place.

(Products were lined with ample bubble wrap that were removed by me for photo taking purposes.)

Fortunately, bringing you the BEST PRICE is one of Althea's three guarantees, with the other two being 100% AUTHENTIC and FREE SHIPPING. A platform to solve all my beauty woes, I was beyond thrilled when Althea approached me a year ago. Today marks the first day of their birthday celebrations and YOU'RE INVITED!

For this joyous occasion, Althea prepared four surprises for you lucky readers ;)

1. Limited Edition Birthday Box + DIY Party Kit

It's the one I have and you can get one for yourself too. Keep your birthday kit because there's prizes totaling up to KRW10, 000, 000 (approx. SGD $11, 855) to be won! Available from today on, while stocks last.

2. Free Goodies for first 1,500 shoppers

Did somebody say FREE?! Yes, Althea is giving away full size beauty products to the fastest fingers. Hurry along now, the magical code is ALTHEATURNS1!

3. 100% rebate!

Rebate will be credited into your account when you purchase from their rebate collection (made up of Althea's top sellers so you can be sure that they aren't making you purchase something you won't need!)

4. #AltheaTurns1 Instagram Contest

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Happy 1st birthday, Althea! ^~^

Post is brought to you by Althea Singapore.

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  1. Hye Pekyj, this is Althea Mermaid checking in. The Althea Team would like to thank you for joining in our online Birthday Party. We hope you had fun shopping with us :)