Dreamworld (Gold Coast Graduation Trip Day 2)

July 11, 2016

Dreamworld was on the itinerary on my second day in Gold Coast, mainly due to its BIG9 THRILL RIDES — some of the most exhilarating and thrilling rides in the whole of Australia. As an avid thrill seeker and roller coaster lover, of course I have to experience the rides first hand! I was really excited for this day because visiting Dreamworld was... ahem, a dream come true for me.

As usual, we bought our Dreamworld tickets online beforehand to save us the queue and even some $$$ aka more money to spend on SHOPPING!

Taking a touristy shot donned in the romper I bought specially for this travel. No ragrets about getting our Dreamworld tickets online again because it was a whole lot more convenient. Can you imagine queuing for tickets IN THAT AUSTRALIAN SUMMER HEAT? No thank you wtf I would very much rather just buy everything online than to melt while queueing.

Did you know that Dreamworld is Australia's largest theme park? It certainly lived up to its name as I couldn't even finish going on all the Big 9 thrill rides! Certainly one of life's biggest regrets but no worries, I'm sure I can return if I want to hehe.

Can you believe I actually went on The Giant Drop?! Because even I can't believe this pussy who cried during absailing in primary school actually dared to go on this ride declared the tallest vertical free-fall ride in the world by Guinness World of Records.

When I was up there, 39 storeys high, the ride paused... For a long while. I could see everything around me as the ride slowly adjusted to let us have a bird's eye view of Upper Coomera, where Dreamworld is located. The car park, the highways where lorries freely roamed, and suddenly none of my problems mattered as much as WHETHER I WOULD GET OUT OF THE RIDE ALIVE. I gripped on to the handles so tight because I was so afraid of losing grip and the summer heat didn't help my sweaty palms either.

I have an inexplicably huge fear of heights but I managed to overcome my phobia! I don't know what came over me but it was probably the kiasu Singaporean in me because I was so afraid of missing out on experiences that I cannot gain in Singapore plus I kept telling myself since I already paid for the tickets PLUS PLANE TICKETS, might as well go for everything since I don't know when will I ever be back.

Buzzsaw, one of my favourite rides that dangles you 15 stories in the air!

The ride runs forwards and backwards, going through several 360° twists and turns — so much that at the end of it I forgot which side is up and which is topsy-turvy anymore. You can see how crazy the ride is in my vlog. Of course, it's nothing compared to The Giant Drop :P Once you conquered The Giant Drop, every ride pales in comparison.

The Claw, and it moves A LOT. Forget everything you've ever known about pirate ships in Singapore because this. is. THE BOMB. This is also one of my favourite photos taken throughout my travel that I posted on my travel Instagram account and was reposted by Dreamworld!

It goes up to 9 stories high while spinning 360°! To be honest though, it wasn't that scary considering I went on a few other more thrilling rides already. Still, I sent my mom a video of The Claw and she said it turned her legs jelly hahhahaha!

Shockwave, which is supposedly a family ride for kids in Australia. My baby sister would have cried her eyes out on this ride as she already did on Transformers in USS hahhahaha.

Goofing around in Kung Fu Panda: Land of Awesomeness — living up the Asian stereotype yo. You can take Regine out of Asia but can't take the Asian out of Regine. In all honesty though, I'm sorry to disappoint but I don't know kungfu.

It's a topsy-turvy world at Pandamonium, one of the newest additions to Dreamworld.

The ride comes in two speed: the crazy (going 360°) and the mild (just violent swinging). The queue for crazy was slightly long and we were running out of time — again, public transportation woes in Gold Coast — so we ended up settling for the mild. In hindsight, we should have go big or go home.

On the way up Hot Wheels SideWinder, which was apparently rated the maximum level but considering how the ride didn't leave an impression on me, *wags fingers* I don't think so. Either that, or I just have really bad memory HAHAHA.

Bye Dreamworld!

Made our way to Woolsworth where I almost went crazy with all the ice cream selection available. Ice cream is, and will always be, my one true love.

Australia, I love you for your sunsets :')

If you're interested, this is where you can get Dreamworld tickets at 30% off plus skip the queues. (Trust me, skipping the queues is the main point.)
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