Skypoint & Surfers Paradise (Gold Coast Graduation Trip Day 5)

December 27, 2016

Every city has their own observatory deck, and Skypoint Observation Deck is Gold Coast's highest attraction! Standing 230 meters above the ground, we were treated to a grand 360° view of Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast's famed seaside resort.

Thank God the skies were clear in the morning when we went up Skypoint Observation Deck.

There's something absolutely surreal about looking down at these buildings. Suddenly all your troubles disappear because you realise just how tiny they are, and how you're just a speck of existence in this massive universe. Your existence is not as enormous as you initially imagined yet you still can make a difference.

I swear I did not adjust the saturation of my photos! :O

Gold Coast, you're beautiful.

I've honestly never been a fan of observation decks because they felt gimmicky to me but it was amazing looking at the shorelines of Surfers Paradise from Skypoint Observation Deck. Also, there were many baskers around Skypoint, allowing us to fully soak in the atmosphere.

A glimpse of how majestic Gold Coast looks from Skypoint Observation Deck.

Wandered around Surfers Paradise Centre, Cavill Avenue, and shopped a little before we stumbled upon the iconic Surfers Paradise sign.

It was soooo windy that day that they closed the beach. i.e. You can still loiter around the shores but you can't go swimming. 

Just to prove how windy it was at Surfers Paradise!

The energetic street opposite Surfers Paradise filled with Australians and tourists has all sorts of exhibitions and push cart stalls selling souvenirs, food and whatnot.

We left Surfers Paradise shortly after for more shopping at Robina Town Centre before returning to our Airbnb apartment.

Jumping for joy because I scored lots of cheap shopping around Surfers Paradise

Considering my holiday was in February 2016, this Gold Coast travelogue has been way overdue. Recounting this holiday didn't excite me, largely because I didn't exactly enjoy myself in Gold Coast. It's not you, Gold Coast, it's me. I was down with a horrible infection two days into travelling, and I didn't have the best travel companion. I think that's why they say travelling makes or breaks your friendship.

When you spend a bulk of your time together, flaws are amplified. Someone, something or some habits that you used to find tolerable suddenly becomes insufferable. If you've had differences to begin with, they are only going to magnify. It saddens me to say this but that was what happened when we travelled to Gold Coast, and the friendship was incurable after.

If you ask why, I'd never be able to place my finger on it. Somewhere between our travel, supposedly to  celebrate us graduating together after three gruelling years, I knew the friendship has tipped to the point of no return. She didn't do me wrong, the friendship just stopped working.

If I have to make a final concluding statement about this friendship, it'd be that it was great while it lasted. Sometimes, in the process of growing up, we grow out of each other. Sometimes we change, sometimes people think we've change when we're essentially still the same person characteristically, albeit with a shift in habits.

I still think about the friendship from time to time but I recognise that some friendships don't follow us to adulthood — that's okay, I learnt to be an adult about it. We part ways, we move on. What's important is, all that remains of this friendship are good memories.

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