Harbour Town Outlet Shopping (Gold Coast Graduation Trip Day 4)

December 26, 2016

If there's one thing I MUST do every time I travel, it's outlet shopping. Considering how almost every brand is way overpriced in Singapore, we already get a kick out of shopping overseas, what more outlet shopping. Habour Town is Gold Coast's most famous outlet shopping centre that's popular with locals and tourists alike so that's where I headed.

As usual, outlet malls are always located a little out of the way. Sorry I can't provide you with public transport details because I was lost half the time T_T

Didn't take much photos because I was soooo busy shopping but you can see a snippet of my day from my vlog :) If you expect Habour Town to have jaw-dropping prices from brands like Kate Spade, Victoria's Secret and the likes — don't bother, because after all, this is Australia and those brands are obviously way cheaper in the States.

I did most of my shopping at Australian brands like Cotton On, Supré (which I just found out is owned by Cotton On), and beauty stores that stock up items from different brands (similar to Sasa that we have in Singapore). I scored clothes for as low as AUD $3, and the exchange rate between SGD and AUD then was almost 1:1!

Stopped over at McDonald's, affectionately called Macca's by Australians, for their all-day breakfast. I can't believe how huge their drinks are, and this was a basic meal! (My drink was bright blue because it's Fanta blueberry, by the way.) I miss having bacon in my McMuffin too :( Although I have to admit that food in Australia is ridiculously expensive.

Waited for the bus back to Robina Town Centre to continue shopping, where I snagged New Balance shoes for only AUD $49! Kid's size, y'all ;) K-Mart was another place I thoroughly enjoyed blowing my AUD at.

Apparently, K-Mart is quite a horrible place to shop at in the States, but K-Mart in Australia is a totally different story! They stock up lots of fashionable clothes, knick-knacks you never knew you needed, household items etc. All at super affordable prices! I got clothes for AUD $2-5, sneakers at AUD $10 etc. I would totally go back to Australia JUST FOR K-Mart, my biggest love in Australia T_T

Happy and satisfied girl after a day of shopping!

Manage to catch sunset in Gold Coast that day. Sunsets in Australia really left a deep impression on me; since my first time travelling to Melbourne nine years back, I've been raving about Australia's marvellous sunsets. So glad I caught them again this time round :')

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Posting Day 5 and a quick round up of my Gold Coast travelogue pretty soon. Hastily concluding this series so I can get on with my Hong Kong, Taiwan and Malaysia travels in 2016 before 2017 hits with new travel adventures!

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