Warner Bros. Movie World (Gold Coast Graduation Trip Day 3)

August 21, 2016

I'll be honest — if I were to visit Gold Coast again, I'll definitely return to Dreamworld but not Movie World. I'm not a fan of most Warner Bros' cartoons (no thanks, I'm not interested in Batman, Superman etc.). Coupled with the fact that I fell sick and the infection was at its peak on this day, I couldn't enjoy myself to the maximum.

That being said, if you're a fan of their products, you should drop by because their merchandise stores WILL BE YOUR HEAVEN! Unlike USS in Singapore, their souvenirs are actually reasonably priced and they even have an outlet souvenirs store where you can get their past season items at almost half price! I got a t-shirt (kids size!) for only SGD $5 — would you believe that?!

We got our tickets online yet again (thank god for technology) so we manage the skip the queue in the killer summer heat in Gold Coast. You can get your Movie World tickets online for 30% cheaper — click on the link if you're interested in the deal. Again, like I always mentioned, it's a lot more convenient to buy your tickets online because it's cheaper plus you don't have to queue to buy tickets at the entrance of Movie World when all you want is to get in immediately and play your hearts out!

Walking in, you can already spot Movie World's iconic Superman Escape and Batwing Spaceshot.

However, Batwing Spaceshot was under maintenance when we were there so I urge you to do your search to avoid any disappointment. I wasn't particularly into Batman so it didn't matter to me, especially after going on The Giant Drop at Dreamworld.

Mandatory tourist shot, even when it's crowded as hell.

Your favourite superheroes await!

One of the only few Warner Bros. cartoons I actually like: Road Runner! Beep beep.

Giant minions! Although in hindsight, isn't Despicable Me under Universal Studios? Or is the love for Minions universal hur hur hur.

This Willy Wonka was creepy as hell because he stood so absolutely still without flinching that I thought he was a statue, only to have him shocking me by shouting HELLO as I neared him for a photo.

Randomly bumping into a few superhereos while crossing the streets.

Had to pay for a photo with the Justice League team so... No. Sorry, cheapskate Singaporean here.

This was supposedly their 4D show which I think didn't leave an impact on me because I don't remember much of it. Definitely better than Legoland Malaysia's but sub-par when compared to the Shrek 4D Adventure in Universal Studios Singapore. Either that or I just have really bad memory fml.

My new boyfriend LOLOLOL wth.

Pretty apt timing to post this photo, considering the Suicide Squad hype right now.

One of the few characters I actually recognise.

A photo posted by Regine Tsing Pekyj (@pekyj) on

Couldn't resist Ben and Jerry's cos it was so much cheaper there! Oh Aussie, I love that you give everything in big portion at a lower price.

Strawberry cheesecake milkshake omgggg *hearts eye*

Their soft toys were quite cheap too because these are hugeeeee soft toys at only ~ SGD $17-18. Pretty reasonable I would say. Too a photo of this because I wanted to get it initially to replace the bunny my ex gave me but remembered I already have tons of soft toys at home wth anyhow pick one on my bed also can replace hahahhaha.

Ah, my favourite ice cream that I miss so much!!!

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