My Gaston Luga Travel Backpack (Pråper Black) — Exclusive Discount Code!

May 19, 2017

If you're a disorganised person like me, the entire scene of a fumbling through a messy backpack at the airport's check-in counter is all too familiar. I can never find where I stowed my necessities, I lose my pen and worst, I forget my passport #truestory. Imagine my shock when I discovered Gaston Luga's range of travel backpacks and brought my Gaston Luga Pråper Black along when I travelled to Kaohsiung. Wait, it's possible to stay organised while carrying a load of travel essentials?!

Gaston Luga, a Swedish backpack retailer from Stockholm, has just launched in Singapore — at the perfect time too! When I travelled solo to Japan, I realised how essential a functional travel backpack is. However, I always put the idea of getting a travel backpack off because in my mind, travel backpacks meant ugly conventional backpacking bags found in typical sports shop. Practical, but not necessary fashionable and definitely doesn't look good in the innumerable ootd shots I inevitably take when I travel.

Gaston Luga proved me wrong with their collection of stylish travel backpacks. Gaston Luga had such a diverse range that I had a horribly difficult time picking the perfect travel backpack. In the process, I disrupted my friends studying for their finals and stayed awake till 3am deciding which backpack to get (not even kidding LOL).

It was a tough fight beween Clässy and Pråper

Eventually I picked Pråper Black. While Clässy's unique design appealred to me, Pråper's unisex design meant that if my brother wishes to travel, he could use my Gaston Luga backpack as well. I'm also known to be not adventurous with colour schemes so black was the perfect choice for me. A classic, you can never go wrong with black.

Gaston Luga Pråper Black

For the first time, I didn't leave my passport behind because I could easily check if I brought my passport by just glancing at my Guston Luga's designated passport slot — a design unique to every Gaston Luga backpack. The passport slot also fitted my itineraries, maps and iPhone 7 perfectly.

I love the tinge of colour that peeks out when I open my Gaston Luga backpack. The maroon lining gives the otherwise-boring interior an element of surprise. Not to mention, maroon goes very well with black!

The different compartments in my Gaston Luga backpack also meant that I was forced to organise my travel essentials. Electronics in the back compartment, some snacks on the left lest I get hungry, sunglasses on the right.

There are four hook closures to Pråper, giving the backpack extra height when necessary. This proved to be convenient when I shopped a little too much and had to squeeze everything into my backpack :X Being a travel backpack, Gaston Luga's Pråper also offers a keyring holder for you to hang your lugagge tag.

The material of Pråper is strong and thick, and the metal hooks that closes my backpack are sturdy, allowing me to navigate through night markets after night markets in Taiwan without worrying that I might be a victim of pickpocket.

Gaston Luga Pråper comes in four colours

Singaporeans get to enjoy free shipping + 20% off (tax rebate from non-EU country) for any Gaston Luga travel backpacks. Quote 'pekyj15' for additional 15% off the remaining price.

More than a $100 worth of savings!

Get your Gaston Luga travel backpack today!

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