They told me not to , they told me not to , they told me not to .

November 24, 2009

Woke up when Jolene spammed me miss call . *shys. They waited for me , Ying2 & Zhenglei very long sehh :x Super sorry lor . Met them at timezone then Zhenglei pangsehed us for his gaypartner . So we went anchorvale book court 1st . Played a while then Zhenglei came & we started betting & stuff . Teamed with Jolene against Zhenglei & Szeyong . Then Szeyong & Zhenglei played and after that Zhenglei with me against Ying2 & Jolene . Forgot the rest already xD
Went to Mcdonald's for lunch. Then , Zhenglei pangsehed us .__.!
Cabbed t Ying2's house . Slacked a while then went t playground to play blindmice . Went back to her house & we played boardgames . Headed home after that ^^

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