A wise girl kisses but doesn't love , listens but doesn't believes , and leaves before she is left .

November 23, 2009

I love today's 1e1 gathering damn loads ^^!

Yingying met me in th morning before we went to buy mat & snacks . MRT there & was late . Met Szeyong , Jolene , Zhenglei & Wenting at Vivo . Waited for a while , then nobody coming . So we went to LongJohnSilver . After that , went to Sentosa . Super fun \m/ . GZL so dumb can ! I ask him help me take photos . Then he took like , all sceneries pictures ._.! . Had lots of fun (L) . I keep cannot touch floor then they keep saving me . HAHAHA .

At about 2pm , we went to bathe then packed everything up & headed back to Vivo . Something happened . :X And we headed to FarrerPark for SeoulGarden next ^^! Ate damn a lot man ! But had tons of fun ! :D HAHA . ;B Yingying's mom called after that & she had to go . So I pei-ed her lor . & GZL pei-ed us .

We were like , at the MRT. Then Yingying can't squeeze in cos very crowded. & we waited for her at next stop. Super super funny lahs ! And ZhengLei go touch my hair then say "Your hair like Barbie doll like that leh" HAHAHAH -.- Trained to Sengkang then walked to TYY's house . Sent her up & everything, then Zhenglei pei-ed me home . Homed then bathe & stuff , & here I am , blogging about today .

Thankyouverymuch, GZL for keeping all my stuff, bringing me home & cheering me up ^^!
I (L) TYY , JTJX , KSY & GZL ohs ! :D

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