Day out w/ Bestie Wong

December 08, 2009

Morning woken up by Bestie's stupid missed calls . Prepared then texted her . Stupid girl, she was still sleeping -.- Waited for her before training t Hougang for our McBreakfast. Haaaaawtcakes ^^! Went shopping after that and bought nails stuff . Went t library while Bestie went t meet her LGL . Came back after a while & we trained t Bugis . Stupid ATM card, cannot wrk -.- Super moodless . Trained t Pasirris t get my card fixed then went Superdog t buy Joann's dinner then went t Mcdonald's for my dinner ^^ . Went neoprints after that . Super tired naoz.
Shall end here (: .

" On cloud 7 " - inside joke :D

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