These few days

December 15, 2009

Todaytoday, overslept.
Bused down t Punggol t meet Dolly then went PunggolPlaza t buy hair dye.
Went back home t dye my hair after that.
Done alr not satisfied w/ results .__.
Neighbour (Shi Xuan) & Dolly's friend (Ming Hwee) came afterwards.
Played bluff & 21 dots .
Dolly pangsehed us for her stead
Nd, th guys went t play Maple .
After awhile, got hungry & Ming Hwee cooked scramble egg for us ! :D
21 dots-ed awhile more then they had t go.

Met YY & Mil at DowntownEast then headed t E!hub's arcade .
Played th i-dontknow-what-is-it-called machine & won some candies .
They rented bicycles & I went home .
Arrived home nd went Bugis w/ family in search of Liern's bag.
Found none .
Nothingmuch happened actually .

The day before yesterday,
Swimming @ Anchovale .
Went t meet Liern at Yishun and lunched before busing down t Sengkang.
Arrived nd realised we all dontknow where Anchovale is so texted ZhengLei .
Then, we sat wrong MRT somemore(!) .
Nothingmuch either .

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