Malaysia Trip ' 09

December 26, 2009

Hellohellos! I'm back from malaysia , got miss me ? ;p
This one week trip is super fun nd brought me closer t my family members .
Shall just put a few pictures here t prevent lagging . For th rest of th pictures , please go t my facebook t see =D *pictures will be up sooon , I'm just too lazy x;

19.12.09 (Saturday) ,
Morning slacked around nd packed . Decided not t wear contacts nor bring because super troublesome . Went t airport nd slacked around before going on to th plane . Boarded plane nd after a while , arrived at KL safely (duh! , if not I won't be here typing this out) nd bused down t KL Central t meet Ah Cheok uncle . Th bus is like , super stinky lor D: . 1h plus later , arrived . Went t eat supper then headed t my grandaunt's home. Reached at about 1am. Settled down but could not sleep. Slept at around 5am.

20.12.09 (Sunday) ,
Woke up at 12pm plus , had handmade bread for brunch nd went t town w/ Ling Girl Ee Ee t make my bro's specs . Went t some cave after that . Need t climb up nd it's damn tiring lor , got 272 steps .__.! On th way up, my mother's flowers were snatched away by one of th monkeys ! LOL :X Waited for them while they pray . Talked t a few angmohs ;X Then we went to i-dont-know-what shopping centre t buy Christmas presents ^^! Bought present for Joann too :) Homed after that .

21.12.09 (Monday) ,
Woke up early & went t breakfast . Headed t bus terminal but no more bus alr . One guy said that he could drive us & 2angmohs there for $40 . So agreed lor . chatted w/ one of th angmohs on th way there . endup, when we arrive , that uncle charged us $80 -.-! Whatever lor . Went t shop around & bought present for ShuJuan & JingHeng . Then , went t buy tickets & went t th outdoor theme park . Played Antique Car > Flume Ride > Roller Coaster > Antique Car . Ren shi a lot new people & played together :D . Shi Teng , Charmine , Henry , Sheng Bei , Ash , Derrick , Rain & Shang Wei (All from Malaysia) . I think that's all ^^ Bought bus tickets , walked around nd headed back t KL . Ah Cheok Uncle bought us t a mountain t eat supper ;D . Homed after that .

22.12.09 (Tuesday) ,
Woke up early early again nd prepared a while then sat Taxi t Sunway Lagoon . Bought tickets nd went in . Swam 1st . But th swimming pool nothingmuch de . So went t bathe then went t th amusement park instead . Played th teapot thingy , then camwhore and continue playing again ;D . Went t play th ____ then one water slide thingy , roller coaster then flume ride ^^ When playing th water slide thingy , 2 guys came t chat w/ me & my bro . Didn't play w/ them anyway . Damn funny , they say I look like 16+ .__.! LOL , I say I 11 years old th person at counter also believe me lor , they think I 17 ;/ . Keke , ren shi Shermaine (From Malaysia) , Billy (From Australia) , Jermaine & Geraldine (From USA) ;) . After Sunway Lagoon , we went t McDonald's nd Phiak Sien Ee Ee brought us home .

23.12.09 (Wednesday) ,
Morning Ah Sheng Uncle bought me & family t bus station t buy tickets t go Genting . Waited at nearby coffee shop then bus-ed t Genting . Texted Zhi Xiang , Wei Lun & Ming Hwee on th way. Went t swimming for a while before going t Ripley's Believe It Or Not . Damn nice + fun lah ! ^^ Headed t Sg.Wang and shopped ;) . Something damn scary happened lah . I walked past this group of gangsters then one guy keep staring at me nd th rest turn around t look . Nd they like super fierce lor . When my mother go buy shoes , I was standing outside th shop . Then when I turn around I saw them . Chua tio me ;/ . I thought what , endup one guy asked for my number ;/ . I said I'm not from Malaysia then they keep asking for my contact ;/ . Lucky my mother came out in time then we faster walk away but they keep following then we walk through a lot stairs nd finally lost them ;X Bought shoes for my brother & a shirt for me . Headed home after that .

24.12.09 (Thursday) ,
Did some last minute shopping after brunch at Levi's . :] Ren shi one guy call Shawn who is working there nd he is super shuai lor! Heh , Shawn , if you see this please leave a message ;x Left Levi's nd went t Sg.Wang again . Shopped for like 6 hours plus nd finally got all th presents ;X Headed home nd waited for everyone t arrive then started taking photos . A lot photos . Seriously a lot . Like we were movie stars . lol . Then , when around 12am , Santa Claus arrived ! Hahaha ! ;X

25.12.09 (Friday) ,
Woke up nd prepared then went t TimesSquare t shop . Bought 2 shirts & a skirt . Then homed , edit some photos , nd slacked . At night wanted t watch ' Alvin & the Chipmucks 2 ' but tickets were sold out so went for supper instead .

26.12.09 (Saturday) ,
Morning packed , prepared nd then left my grandaunt's house . Headed t KL Central nd boarded th bus t th airport . Checked in our laggages . When we go KL , our laggage was only 12kg , now is 17kg ! Hahas . After that , ate McDonald nd boarded plane . Th stupid Taxi driver dont help us carry laggage so we dont help him close his boot ;X Homed after all these drama ! (:

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