Love gone wrong

January 27, 2010

Hohos =D
Today morning went t school and all . Then need sing schoolsong again 'cause we sing too soft . Hurhur . Me & YY at th back keep laughing :X . Suddenly got surprise haircheck , so faster pinup my hair . Hohos :X Then is art . We need take off our shoe then draw our own shoes sia . Hahas , damn funny :B . At 1st wanted t use Tzeliang's boots . But we both realised it's so darn hard t draw , so we used my shoes instead . Maths next , mrkoh never come . Texted Clarence nd complained t him about something . Hahas . Recessed . English lesson changed t Art . Draw shoes again , hahas ! Literature damn slack lahs . Mothertongue did some newspaper thingy . History discussed groupwork . After school went Kfc w/ Cherlyn & WeiXuan :D . Then went back t school & changed into choir tee . Thenthen went danceroom . Damn sleepy during choir lor D: .

if it's meant t be , it's meant t be :)

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