Yur name fills my mind

January 26, 2010

Blogblogblog !
Monday ,
Veh late then go school , but never chi dao .
Passed Anthony his EZlink card .
Mothertongue got scolding from cher lahs , but lalala , dont care .
Science was boring . Recess too . PW just did th wikispace thingy nd HomeEcons booooring too . So basically , that day was damn boring .
After school went t museum . We walked in th museum . Then look around , nothingmuch one lor -.-! Hahas , I keep tripping Jerald , YiHong & TzeLiang . Hurhur . Vanessa & YingYing did th phototakings then WeiXuan & me keep fooling around :X . I go use my head bang hers then we both ended up in pain , HAHA :x And I keep smsing Zhewei w/ Zhenglei's phone :X After th meseum , we went t what gallery thingy & th guys at there keep hornying cos got th bikini thing! Laughs .

Today ,
Morningrun damn tiring lo -.-! Mothertongue next . Slacked . Maths nothingmuch , Mrkoh didn't come. Keep texting Clarence&Zhewei . Hahas . Recess ate beehoon & Sonam helped me throw plate :D English got back testpaper . Sucky results ! Then assembly . Damn boring . iLIVE too - must clip hair somemore ! Yihong keep say I can be SL aready cos so guai -.-! After school walked w/ Jeanic , Rachel & XinHui . Saw ....... Teeheee .

Ending here . Byes :D .

With God ,
Nothing is impossible ,
Impossible is nothing .

" If you have faith as a grain of mustard seed, you will say to your mountain, "move" and it will move and nothing will be impossible for you! "
- Matthew 17:20

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