January 24, 2010

Alrights , so yesterday ....
Met Anthony t get EZlink card from him then bused home . 'Cause having family gathering ! =D
Mama come back alr , prepared all that alr we bused t Bugis t find my cousins & aunt at Bugis Junction . LyWei copy me wear yellow shirt & black pants , hahas ! Couldn't find any place t sit , so we went t basement t buy some food & sit outside BHG t eat .
Eat finish alr th adults decided t go shopping for clothes , then th 3 teenagers + 1 kid went t th children arcade t play ! LyWei & LiErn played basketball , me & Eason played jackpot . :D Tio jackpot quite a few times ;x Exchange for a 3D snake-and-ladders . Hahas .
Went down t meet Mummy & Aunt after that . Bought McDonald's icecream & sat there t chat while waiting for my family from Malaysia t come meet us :) . Told LiErn my veh sad story D: . Then it's like I damn emo halfway he suddenly say "I know why le!" Then I asked "why?" And he said, "You're getting fat , like a little fat bitch!" then I was like burst out in laughter lor X: . & keep imitating PeterChow . HAHA! Then we liked talked about a lot stuff lars . Finally said everything out =D . And we also keep laughing because of something :X Fei zhu!! Later fei zhu call her gang come ! Inside joke :B
After a while , my family from Malaysia came . Not all of them , but still .. ^^ Th mood was like like damn high . Hahas . And talking about height & stuff . Cousin's are all taller than me alr D: .
I received one sms from Sonam , he like damn -.- lor . He smsed me "Regine!" . I thought what happen sia . I texted him back "Yeah?" then he didn't reply , until now -.-! After chatting a while , have t go already cos Mummy & aunt need t work th next day . Bid farewell .
On th way back Mummy said maybe 1st April after school we going back t M'sia :D Then Sunday come back . Whoootz ! \m/

WeiXuan is right . I will still live without you . I'll prove t you that I dontneed you t be happy .

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