January 01, 2010

Thinking back , 2009 holds a great deal of memories for me .
A year ago , I was fearing life in Greendale . I wondered if I'll even make any friends . But of course , I did . I made many new friends . I broke up some friendships . And created new ones . Along the way , I learnt to love wholeheartedly .
I did things which I regretted , but with my friends around , being so supportive of me and all , I overcame everything .
Just like the lightning , in a flash , 2009 is gone , and welcooooome 2010 !

My walk through 2009 wouldn't have been complete without ,
My family ,
My mother who always wants nothing but the best for me & my brother who , sometimes can be irritating , but above all , I still love him .

My primary school friends ,
Those who've heard me complained about secondary school , those who've been through thick and thin with me and those who've brought me joy when I felt sad . Okay , so maybe not all of 'em . But still .
Aloysius , Derek , Brenda , Jacky , WanQi , Adrienne , Cheryl , HuiXin , Zoey , C.Wanyi , Shi Ting , Si Jie , Eileen , Joey , ClaraA . (Tell me if i missed out yur name)

My secondary school friends ,
Those who hung out with me , talked crap with me till late at night , got into trouble with me or just those whomI simply know .
Andrea , Corliss , Shu Juan , Jia Yu , Jeanic , Jia Yun , Yi Hong , Andy , Wei Xuan , Aaron , Gabriel , Chin Hao , Keng Hin , Anthony , AlvinN , Mark , Alex , ZhengLei . Okay , tell me if I missed out yur name .

And those who falls under th 'others' category .
ClarenceK , Shawn , ClaraL , Jasmine , Jeremy , MingHwee , and probably more but I'm feeling too sleepy already . Tell me if I missed you out !

Not forgetting the most important people of my life in 2009 :)
Joann Retardtoo - You've been through so much with me , thick nd thin , everything . I guess our friendship is still as strong as ever and it will continue to turn stronger ! :D I remember everything you've done for me , and I'll always remember you as my dearest retard , sunshine or rain .
WanYi Retardtree - You've always been with me , no matter storm or sunshine , you've always been my pillar of strength , always being there when I needed you . I guess , I've never shown you how much I appreciate everything . And I will say now that I'm appreciative of everything you've done for me !
YingYing Bestf - You've been my bestest friend this year , sharing my joy and sorrow , choosing to believe me when everyone doubted me . Andd for this , I can say , ILOVEYOU x.x I hope you can promote to Sec3 express and get the subjects you want . Then , you must celebrate my 15th birthday with me !
Mildred Bestf - In 2009 , we went through a lot of things together and I kno you didn't doubted me when everyone else did . You were always there for me when I needed you and I'll be here when you need me too ! I hope that even though we're in different classes , we will not drift apart :D Stay in touch !
Deanna Zuiai - You've always been by me , making me laugh , doing stupid things and making me high . Despite all these , I only have 2 things to say to you . That is , Shawn is hotter than yur Japanese guys & the whole of MiLuBing can't be compared to Joshua ! ^^ Stay cheerful & dumb ! :)
Jolene Bestf - Whatever happened , it will be the past . I hope that we still will be bestfs even though we're in different classes . Because I know we'll always have a common interest , that we hate her . Heh xD I hope that , we will have more fun outings and celebrate anniverseries .
SzeYong Bestf - I guess , you've always been the one making us laugh , the clown within us . Continue to stay cheerful in yur new class and keep in touch so that we can go out often because every outing we have is damn fun ! :] I wish you all th best in 2e2 .
Michelle Sweetheart - You sucker sucker ! :D Thanks for crapping with me and talking to me when I feel down . It is obvious that being in different classes didn't drift us apart and I hope our friendship will grow stronger ! :D & , stop growing tall !
Mattheus Meowmeow - Hope that you'll grow strong in th Lord and be a better person (: . Also , jiayou for yur academics . Thanks for being my listening ear and everything else . I guess , after some while , we drifted but I hope we can meet up sometime soon and be back th friends we used to be ^^
Cherine Baobao - I hope that in 2010 you'll find someone better than __i___ and you'll never have yur heartbroken anymore . We'll continue to have a strong friendship (yes we will !) and never ever drift apart again . Remember not to be so violent the next time I see you hor !
Carmen MrsA - Although you refuse to tell me who is th person , I'll still wish you all th best with him and J____a :D Remember , if you know him must intro to me so that I can snatch away from you ! Teehees x; . Hope that you can be high the next time we meet x;
Freddie Hornypig - I hope that we won't drift apart D: . Becuse life's much funner with you crapping around . I remember during P6 you always talk a lot crap to me and we always go out till God-knows-what-time . Hope you this horny pig can find a girlf soon so you will stop asking me to webcam you ! :X
ZheWei Laogong - You this bhb person , hope we can meet up soon . :D Thanks for pei-ing me talk till so late every night (: . Get well soon uh , remember to eat yur medicines !

I had a smile on my face while penning all these down , because I know - today is a new day , a new year . And I have great things ahead of me . More friends , more smiles , more hopes , more love ;)

Please do tell me if I missed you out because I typed all these in a rush under 30minutes ! I will put yur name in one of th categories once you inform me that your name is missed out .


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