Where were you when I needed you ?

May 25, 2010

The thought of rewinding my time back into this afternoon is totally repugnant to me . One of the worse days of my life . Felt worse than shit . But I was surprised I managed to abscond from hell alive , narrow escape indeed . Ahhh , don't wish to elaborate further about the happenings . Three words for this day , FML .

Watched Shrek Forever After with Xueying , Yingying & Vanessa today .
The movie itself was awesome , but it was a bad day , for both Yingying & me ,
So I didn't really enjoy the movie much D: .

I thought that things were always so beautiful between the both of us until it turned into a perfect disaster . Everything starts crashing down and we begin to grow apart . Those words you said laid such a great impact on me that they would definitely be etched in my heart deeply till the end of time . Not if only you could realize that you meant so much to me that now , I feel so empty from the minute you left . I once believed your love was fixed into my life to complete me back into a whole but for a moment , it came to my knowledge that everything was just a big mistake from the start I suppose ...

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