The true power of man is not to kill or to rule but to be able to forgive when others do not deserve it .

December 25, 2010

A meaningful song :)
It's Christmas today . But instead of wishing my readers Merry Christmas like every blog I've been to , I'll tell you the story of Christmas :) . Have you ever wondered why are we called Christians , why is it Christmas ? It's all about Christ . Christmas is Jesus' birthday . He was born on this day . I'm sure many of you have heard about how He died for us on the Cross . And just like me when I was younger , I'm pretty sure you guys are thinking "how is this possible?" But I can assure each and everyone of you that it is possible . God was the one who created us , he made us in His image . And He loves me , you , us . Which parent doesn't love his/her own child ? I know many of you are skeptical - if God loves us , why is there suffering ? If God loves me , why is he making my life so difficult ? I've asked myself these questions too . But if you never felt pain , then how would you know that He's a Healer ? If you never went through difficulties , how would you know that He's a Deliverer ? If you never had a trial , how could you call yourself an overcomer ? If you never felt sadness , how would you know that He's a Comforter? If you never made a mistake , how would you know that I'm forgiving? If you knew all , how would you know that He will answer your questions ? If you never were in trouble , how would you know that He will come to your rescue ? If you never were broken , then how would know that He can make you whole ? If you never had a problem , How would you know that He can solve them ? If you never had any suffering , then how would you know what Jesus went through ? If you never went through the fire , then how would you become pure ? If He gave you all things , how would you appreciate them? If He never corrected you , how would you know that I love you ? If you had all power , then how would you learn to depend on Him ? If your life was perfect , then what would you need Him for ? You see , everything happens for a reason . Jesus was left hanging on the Cross for 6 hours . He was whipped as many times as the number of illness there was during that time . He was rejected , despised , beaten and punished . He suffered what we should have suffered because He loves us . There's really so many things God has done for us , and there's no words to describe what Jesus went through . I don't know where to start . So maybe I'll just start from how did my life change after I accepted God into my life . As a child , I was really sickly . I'll get sick easily and at least once in every 3 months will I have fever . You can imagine how sucky it was . I remember there was this once when I had a high fever for 2 whole weeks and couldn't attend school . But these days , I don't get sick easily , and the only time I don't attend school is when I overslept . This is just one of the many miracles God has done in my life . Whenever I'm out and it's raining , I pray to God . And the rain will stop . I always turn to God , whenever I'm sad and He'll always be there for me . Whenever I'm happy , I can feel God and His angels rejoicing together with me . I'm scared of the dark but God never fails to be there when I'm scared . What's the point of me telling all these ? It's Jesus' birthday today and I'm sure he would want me to bring people closer to God :) .
Faith is full assurance in the heart . And faith to those who do not believe , is foolishness .

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