And every single thing you ever did that bothered me , is every single thing I miss .

December 23, 2010

Sometimes , we let things slip through our hands without realizing the importance of it till it's gone . And when it's gone , we realized how empty we are without it .

It was dark . I couldn't see nor breathe . The world was spinning . I broke into cold sweat as I struggled to keep my eyes opened . I cried . Each time I blink , I wondered if it'll be the last time my eyes close . Then I felt someone putting his arm around me . I knew then , I was safe . Safe in his arms .

The past week's been HECTIC , outings and gatherings . So many things but so little time ! Looking forward to tomorrow though :D School in less than 2 weeks :( . On a side note , it has been 3 years since Born To Shine Musical . I really miss rushing to rehearsals , hearing praises after each performance and playing with those little kids . But time cannot rewind , and even though I'll probably miss that day for the rest of my life , I know those memories will remain in my heart . Anyway , met up with Jackfruit yesterday . Although it was a short period of time , it was fruitful . We literally talked non-stop from the moment we met . In short , life has been ... Great . I'll let the pictures speak for themselves now .

In those fairytales my mom used to read me , the bad guys are always wearing black with a black cape around . That way , we can always recognise the bad guys . But in real life , the bad guys are usually those with perfect hair and beautiful smile .

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