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January 02, 2012

(missing in image: Deanna, Freddie, Timothy, Michelle).

Happy Birthday to myself! :D

I really had a blast this year. I love all my friends who planned this for me.

On the 28th of December, I met up with my boy in the morning before heading to my mommy's workplace to collect prawns for the BBQ and we cabbed to Bedok thereafter to collect more food for the BBQ. After which, we cabbed to Downtown East to check in. I was down with a fever by then and was feeling really nauseous. Took panadol and my boy soak his towel with tap water and draped it across my forehead. I got better by the of of the BBQ. I really enjoyed myself that day and I think it was really one of the best days ever.

The next day, on 29th December, those who stayed over went home around afternoon and bby and I spent some time together before he left for tuition. Freddie, Benedict and Zhiyun came over to accompany me till bby came back for tuition. We checked out early in the morning on 30th December.

This is a really summarized post of what happened in the three days but I'm really in a rush (school starts tomorrow and I haven't even packed) right now. I'll be back soon with new surprises! Till then! xx

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