The rain can unrain, if you want it to.

January 06, 2012

So, this is my second post of 2012. 2011 came to an end so freakily soon. It's anguishing to say that 2011 hasn't been a good year for me. Of course, there were happy moments made memorable by many special people around me.

But for the most part, it was generally a moody year. At many points, I found myself trapped in a body of doldrums. It seems that the people who tell you they will be there are the ones who walk away first. And the glittery opportunities you think you've landed turned out really, to be nothing but glitter.

2011 was a year of growth spurt for me. Adversity doesn't simply reflect the state of mind, it brings out the best and the worst in a person. And I underwent that.

I saw how possessive and addictive a person I could be, I saw in retrospect, how my ego became me, and how I let it become a main investor in my relationship. But I also saw the beauty in myself when I found the right path.

2011 was a year of relearning myself and building new priorities.

Above all, I'm grateful for the many opportunities that found their way to my door. I am so grateful for the happenstances which allowed me to pursue my passion. I am thankful for the many incredible personalities I've met, these people developed my perspectives yet again, steering me into exploring so much more the world can offer.

And most importantly, I thank my family, my boyfriend and my closest friends for simply, being there.

Each year, I embrace the new year with greater knowledge. Let us dance to the changes and challenges around us.

So there, just a prelude to my little space here.

I'm really worn out now. I'll blog again. See you guys! Bye!

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