I have officially dropped Combined Science.

September 27, 2012

I've been contemplating to drop Combined Science for O Levels since months ago, when my tuition teacher suggested it to one of my friends. Science has been my weakest subject since I was P6 and gradually, I lost interest in it. No matter how hard I tried, I just cannot remember the things that I need to memorise. I catch on pretty quickly, but forget them just as fast. I dislike how dry the theory is. I've been struggling with Science for a long time now and I honestly think that dropping Science for O Levels is one of the best decisions I've made this year. Here's why.

I have to admit that ever since the idea of dropping Science came into my mind, I stopped trying my best during tests/exams. Of course, it would mean that I'm on dangerous grounds as I only have 5 subjects left. I have received my Chinese O Levels results (B3, for those of you who have been asking) and I'm confident that I would do well for English, Maths and D&T.

In fact, I can almost guarantee a distinction for these subjects as long as I continue to work hard. As for my Combined Humanities, they are nowhere near the B grades yet. But considering that I got F9 for Combined Humanities last year, I think I'm making pretty good improvements. I believe that I can do way better if I can put aside the time I set for Science to study Combined Humanities.

Sure, teachers always say that many courses in Polytechnics require Science as a relevant subject but what they missed out is that we can actually use D&T/Art to replace Science! Check out the various Polytechnic's entry requirements if you don't believe me. However, if you want to enter a Science course, like Biotechnology for example, then obviously, you'll need Science.

The thing is, I am not even interested in Science at all, so why would I enter any Science course? Yes, I am aware that if I screw up badly for my O Levels, I would not even qualify for nursing, one of the most unpopular courses (no offence to anyone). But I have made this choice, and I will not allow myself to screw up. The course that I'm aiming for requires English, Maths, Humanities and two best subjects for L1R2B2.

Initially, many teachers were shocked at my decision to drop Science and most of my friends strongly discouraged me to do it but after hearing my explanation, they told me to do what I think would be best for me and not regret anything later on.

People always say that no one in the right mind would drop Science but the fact that the teachers approve of my decision shows that it was well thought out and not impulsive or out of spite because I can't pass Science, isn't it? I know that I made an unpopular choice, but I believe that this is for the best.

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