February 18, 2013

No one would ever think such mean thoughts about you.
Except yourself.

This definitely doesn't concern me. But because it's you again, I’ve got to say my piece. Just this once.

It's utterly unsophisticated and naïve of you to create a messy fuss over such petty business. Well, I don't know, but to me it's kinda like an attempt out of desperation and insecurity. Insecurity that your glorious days are over and you had to blow trivial matters up to get some attention. It's pathetic.

Now and then, I still hear from people, of the back stabbings and accusations you've made of me in the past. But I don't get upset, because that's what green-eyed monsters do, because deep inside you don't feel good at all. I've buried our hatchet and moved on. But I guess you haven't. Now, it's happening on someone else.

It's been months and I’m disillusioned that you haven't changed, not even a single bit. I'm worried for your friends. Because the entire you is a façade. And it's unnerving.

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