February 13, 2013

One of my favorite parts of relationships is touch. 
I love being able to touch someone. 
I know that everyone's mind instantly went into the gutter but I don't mean it like that. 
I mean it in the simplest way possible - holding hands, hugging, just being able to touch someone. 
The way your finger tips graze over their skin and you get to call them yours. 
Not in a greedy sense, by any means. Rather in the sense that they gave you that privilege. 
To know that, that person is yours. 
No one else has that gift from them, no one else has that trust from them. 
That's what I love about having that sort of connection. 
That I can trace circles down your arm with my finger tips and know that no one else gets to do this. 
No one else share those simple affections with you. 
Those moments mean so much to me.

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