You had me all figured out, even to the littlest things.

February 15, 2013

To put things simply, yes, I'm single again. We've broken up a couple of times before but this time, I guess, is really the end. I don't know either. I'm really tired and confused. I'm just glad we ended things amicably, instead of breaking up due to a huge quarrel.

It will hard for me to let go. After all, he's the one who knows everything about me and still accepts me for who I am. We can send each other ugly photos of ourselves and laugh about it. In front of others, he appears to be cool and aloof yet when he's with me, he's completely silly and goofy. We have stupid quarrels and fights, but somehow we always made up in the end. Thinking back about the good memories is enough to kill me, but I know that we are just too different - we have different goals in life, different priorities and we are also moving on to different polytechnics, and this is for the best. I got to let go.

Things change, people change, situations change. Somewhere along the way, we both grew up. He became independent while I still relied on him. It became harder and harder for us to sort out our differences and eventually, we stopped trying. I used to be so sure that he's the one I'm gonna marry but now I don't know anymore.

I still love him, and that's for sure but I guess we both need a break. These two years that we were together were probably the best years in my life, and I regret nothing about this relationship. I will miss him, and all of our memories.

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