Respect yourself and others will respect you.

April 25, 2013

I've been receiving many nonsensical questions on my recently and one in particular pissed me off. It all started with one questions asking me whether I mind if my boyfriend masturbates (if I have one), which I answered that I don't mind. My secondary school classmates are pretty open-minded and we've talked about this before. I've come to accept that 99% of the guys have masturbated before some time in their lives and the other 1% are... liars :X. BUT ANYWAY, that's not the main point.

This question here is the main point. After how you insulted my modesty, I think I have every right to be angry. (I wasn't angry at first but after reading how righteous he thinks he is...) This prick acts like he is not at the wrong and that I'm over-reacting (I presume that it's a he). I AM open-minded and I talk to my friends about sensitive topics (sex, masturbation, bras, etc) BUT not when it's on the Internet where everyone can see it.

You don't go around asking girls their bra size in real life, so what makes you think it's okay to do it on the Internet? Just because you're anonymous? Guys, treat girls the way you want your mother or future daughter(s) to be treated. Do you want them to be talking to sleazy guys like these?

According to their profiles, they are at least five years older than me (assuming that the first guy has completed his NS and signed on with SAF), and in the eyes of the law, I'm still a minor. If you don't want your future daughter(s) to be talking to guys like these, DON'T BE THIS KIND OF GUYS!

And girls answering these questions, think about it. How would your mother feel if she stumbled upon your and read you answering about your bra size or brand? You don't even know who's behind the screen asking these questions. It may be a pedophile for all you know. I'm all in for being 100% honest when it comes to answering questions but there has got to be a limit! Call me old-fashion but I believe that girls should be treated with respect, but if you don't respect your own privacy first then who are you to ask respect from people?

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