April 19, 2013

It's been awhile since I've truly been in touch with writing. Lately, my blog has become more like a tool, an equipment for generating income. But not so much a passion. I feel like I've stagnated far too long in this aspect. I need to do surpass this bottleneck.

I want to feel the drive again. The passion that's kept me going in the past three years has gradually desensitised. Yes, I do still love this platform. I love spreading my voice and looking at the joy I give to people. I love it when people compliment my writing, or tell me my blog has inspired them to write. But I no longer feel that drive in me, the kind of intense satisfaction I used to always experience whenever I post a long heartfelt blog post. Now it's gone.

I want to write every post like it's my last.

But how?

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