Singapore Haze 2013

June 21, 2013

For those who are not residing in Singapore, we are currently experiencing really bad haze because the Indonesians burned down large areas of forest for land clearing. It happens every year so I wasn't really bothered about it until Monday evening when it became visibly hazier than usual and I started having difficulties breathing. But it wasn't anywhere near hazardous so I still went around doing my normal activities until yesterday.

This was how it looked like when I was leaving the house and the PSI (Pollutant Standards Index) was around 355, which is already in the hazardous range. I used to be able to see East Coast Park from my house but not anymore. And just when I thought that was bad, I woke up to this today.

The PSI actually rose to 401 and I was choking from the air despite wearing a mask. I actually took a video using the new Instagram video function but I'm not quite sure how do I embed it on my blog so here's the link to the video (click).

 But what angers me most are the things I see on Twitter. I spend a lot more time on Twitter now that I'm stuck at home and there are sooooo many things I see that piss me off and make me roll my eyes.

1. Idiots making use of the haze to get more likes on Facebook/RTs on Twitter.
Just the other day, I saw this on Facebook:
Like and Share if u Wish Tsunami to hit INDONESIA for the haze!
Those were his exact words. That's a new kind of low, seriously. To use the haze to get more likes and to wish something so terrible upon the country and its citizens. What shocked me the most was that there were actually people LIKING AND SHARING that status.
And people posting shit like this on Twitter:
If I get ___ retweets and I will (insert something stupid) in the haze.
Like really, people, really?And WHY ARE THERE EVEN PEOPLE RETWEETING THEM? Do you guys really think it's funny? And to retards who are wishing that the PSI would go up just so that they don't have to attend school, have you thought about your family members? Your parents who still have to go to work? You know what I think? YOU GUYS, OF ALL PEOPLE, SHOULD BE ATTENDING SCHOOL AND LEARN TO BE LESS SELFISH.

2. People saying that we should be grateful our haze situation is not as bad as the Indonesians.
WHAT IS THERE TO BE GRATEFUL ABOUT SERIOUSLY? We are not the ones burning the trees and I think we have every right to complain, considering that WE DID NOT DO ANYTHING TO CAUSE THIS HAZE. So what if they are worse off than us? You reap what you sow. To put things crudely, they brought this upon themselves. Yeah, spare me your lectures about how not every Indonesian is involved - I obviously know this and I have nothing against Indonesians. It's just their government, which brings me to the next point.

3. How the Indonesian government is dealing with this.
For those who are unaware, this (link) was how the Indonesian government responded to us, Singaporeans. By calling our behavior "like children, in such a tizzy." I can't believe he said something so irresponsible. Not only that, he started to push the blame, saying that most of the plantations are owned by Singaporeans and Malaysians, not Indonesians. That might be the case but HE CAN'T DENY THAT THE BURNING IS HAPPENING IN HIS LAND. During the 2004 tsunami, Singapore sent in the red cross within 24 hours and now? I'm not saying that they should feel indebted to us but they should, at the very least, have a sense of urgency in taking concrete actions to stop the fire. 

This was how the skies look like from my house before the haze. 
When will I be able to see skies as clear as this again?

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