The better things.

November 05, 2013

The way you tilt my head so that you can kiss me when I try to hide away from your kisses.
The way you stop your games just to talk to me when I'm having PMS.
The way you insist on fetching me from the bus stop when it's raining.
The way you playfully bite my finger when I point it at you.
The way you call me your girl, the way you do little things for me.
The way you surrender and ask for peace when I tickle your weak spot.
The way you brush my hair off my face.
The way you wake me up and get me ready for school if I stay over the night before. 
The way you make fun of me, the way you call me your stupid girlfriend.
The way you know what am I going to say before I even open my mouth.
The way you can fall asleep anywhere, anytime at all.
The way you blow-dry my hair for me just so I wouldn't catch a cold on the bus.
The way you hug me tightly whenever we meet.
The way you spin me around whenever I jump on you for a piggy back ride.
The way you hug me from the back whenever I flip over when I'm sleeping.
The way you laugh, the way you smile.

These are the better things in life. :)

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