It breaks my heart every time to see you cry.

January 24, 2014


I can't believe how horrible people can be. It's as if I've lost faith in humanity. I don't know where to begin because this whole issue is just too ridiculous. Okay, in in case you haven't heard, Justin Bieber got arrested today, apparently for drink driving, smoking marijuana, driving with an expired license and some other minor offences (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong).

First of all, I am NOT condoning his actions. Yes, he was wrong and he should pay his debts. Just because I'm a belieber doesn't mean that I blindly think whatever Justin do is right. He is only human and he makes mistakes too. and this brings me to my second point. 

Justin getting arrested obviously is a bigger issue than maybe, if I get arrested. That's because he's a celebrity, and he's JUSTIN BIEBER. The truth is, whatever Justin does, so long as he makes a minor mistake, the media will be so quick to pick on it because he's the most famous teenager on the planet. That's the truth, whether you like it or not.

But you know what do teenagers do? We make mistakes. The only difference between Justin and us is that WE ARE GIVEN CHANCES AFTER CHANCES TO AMEND OUR MISTAKES. Justin does not have the privilege of learning life through trial and error because he's being watched by the media 24/7/365.

“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

I'm not creating excuses for Justin, but I just want everyone to see things as it is. Have you ever made a mistake? Have you ever done something stupid and regretted it? Exactly.


Don't they see how serious this issue is right now? Four to five years ago, everyone was making fun of him, calling him gay, taunting him, because his voice wasn't broken yet and just because IT WAS THE "COOL" THING TO DO. How many times have I been bullied and judged just because I was a Belieber? Countless.

Newspaper, paparazzi, reporters write articles after articles reporting about Justin, making him seem like an asshole JUST SO THEY COULD GET HITS. Now? He has finally broke down, he turned into that "asshole" you made him out to be.

Are you finally happy?

 I AM NOT. Justin is not. The beliebers are not. we stayed strong for Justin and he stayed strong for us. But now, we are broken. This was what Pattie was afraid of. This was the reason she hesitated to move to Alanta. Our nightmare came true.

Are you satisfied now that you've broke that kid
who was just living his dream?

What has he ever done to you? AND TO YOU PEOPLE RT-ING STUPID BASELESS TWEETS, DO YOU NOT SEE WHAT YOU ARE DOING? Have you not done enough? When will you ever stop? It's been 5 years. Get over it.

THE WEBSITES REPORTING THINGS WITHOUT FIRST VERIFYING THE FACTS JUST TO GET MORE VIEWS, ARE YOU HAPPY NOW? Justin is finally broken; now you can get the news you've always wanted to write about. ARE YOU HAPPY? But why, why do you have to exaggerate the facts and make it worse?

Where were the media and the haters when Justin journeyed to meet Avalanna Routh to make her dreams come through? And then met her several times again before her passing? And dedicated One Less Lonely Girl to her after her passing? Where were they?

Where were the media and the haters when Justin perfomed 86 shows on his North America tour and met with a Make-A-Wish child at every show? When his only request was no cameras? When he broke the record for being the first recording artiste to grant 200 wishes? Where were they?

Where were the media and the haters when Justin built a school with his own hands? Oh yeah, not reporting anything because bad news spread like wildfire and people are only interested in the negative side of Justin to put him down.That's how ugly the media is.

It's even worse when it comes to social media. Anyone can hide behind their screens and talk bullshit because they are anonymous to a certain extent. What I can say is,

Don't spread bullshit without first verifying the facts.

The thing about social media is that one person reports crap, and everyone else just passes it on without verifying the facts. Didn't schools educate us about cyber bullying? Bullying a celebrity is as bad as bullying your schoolmate. What makes you think it doesn't matter that much just because it's online. Words are words. They hurt as much online as they do offline and you'll never get to take anything back.

At least be a responsible user of the internet. Don't be ignorant asses, don't just believe whatever you read. You are not a robot, you have common sense, you can think for yourself. Don't let people regret inventing the computers/laptops and internet. If you critisize someone for the sake of getting RTs or getting accepted by your friends, I look down on you so much.

Here are just some of the things I've caught circulating on my Twitter timeline. I will add things in my list if I find more.

This is the single most stupid story I have ever heard. I feel so ashamed for CNN that they published this. Where are the proof is this is a fact? CNN, how low can you get? Justin is already broken, HAVEN'T YOU DONE ENOUGH? 

Okay, I have absolutely no respect whatsoever for whoever created this tweet. Same goes for those who blindly spread this picture like they spread butter on bread. Wow, try harder sweetie. JUSTIN NEVER TWEETED THIS AT ALL. A simple google search would suffice as proof.

 You think he's happy just because he's smiling? You think he's happy that he's arrested? You think he's happy that HE IS DEPRESSED AND THE WHOLE WORLD IS LAUGHING AT HIM?

This is the kind of quote that will receive many RTs when posted on Twitter:
But when it comes to Justin, everyone seem to forget this quote.

The saddest people smile the brightest.”

Just because everyone is criticizing someone doesn't mean you have to do it too. Look around you for once instead of just following the crowd. Justin grew up under the spotlight. It's not easy. Look at Michael Jackson. Look at what happened in the end?

When Madonna said the media took away Michael Jackson's childhood, Justin looked at his manager, Scooter, and said,

Don't let that happen to me. 

But it happened. I hope you are all happy now. Didn't you wait the whole time for something like this to happen? The media ruined Justin with rumours after rumours, putting him under immerse pressure, insulting him every now and then.

Just leave him alone now. FUCKING LEAVE HIM ALONE. Do you realise how hard it is to watch your idol break down in front of the whole world only to have the world laughing at him?

I have been here for Justin since 2010, and I'm not leaving no matter what; grey hoodie to grey hair.

Through the long nights and the bright lights;
Don't you worry 'cause everything's gonna be alright.

UPDATE: Justin's instagram photo
Oh my god, people are taking stupidity to a whole new level smh. A few hours ago, Justin posted this photo with the caption “what more can they say.” This is the first time he publicly spoke about his arrest.

And everyone is freaking out because "Oh no he didn't! He didn't just compare himself to the King of Pop!" "Justin will never be as great as MJ!" "Justin will never get anyway close to Michael Jackson. BACK OFF!"

Errrr. Okay? Lolol. Justin never wanted to take away the title of King of Pop from Michael Jackson. All along Michael was Justin's inspiration and that's that.

Besides, didn't I write about Michael Jackson above? Thank you for proving my point, Justin. Justin was so afraid that he would lose his childhood, that he would lose everything to the media, that society would ruin him just like they did to Michael Jackson. Now that it happened, he knows how close he is to becoming a train wreck. He knows how the media broke Michael, and he doesn't want the same thing to happen to him. He's reflecting. That's all. 

It's so sad to see "fans" turning their backs on Justin before finding out the truth to anything at all. Why must everyone think the worst about Justin? Just because it is easier to hate someone than to find reasons to defend him?

UPDATE 2: Plot twist?
Justin's stage manager, Scrappy, posted this link on Twitter:

Since TMZ is a celebrity news website that often reports without basing on any facts, I'm gonna take this with a pinch of salt. SEE? I am not just defending Justin but I am fair in my judgement. But I'll have to give credit where it's due; TMZ was, after all, the first to report Michael Jackson's death so it still gives them the credibility to a certain extend. Besides, if Scrappy is tweeting about this issue, it has to be because he knows something.

Food for thought, eh? I will update this space again if there are any new updates.

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