Spare the rod, spoil the child.

January 30, 2014

I recently watched a video on YouTube whereby this Singaporean student was scolding his teacher because his teacher told him to go back to his seat and stop walking around in class. Sadly, this scene is nothing new to me; I was from a neighbourhood school where this is pretty normal. But what made this case worse was that this self-entitled student demanded his teacher to say sorry to him. And it doesn't end there - even after the teacher apologised, he demanded more.

Shocked by this student's atrocious behaviour, I did a simple google search and found this article. Apparently the student apologised and has been counselled. But I'm not sure if he's remorseful. Sure, he's sorry, but what is he sorry for? Is he only sorry he got caught? Does he know what he has done wrong? 

He obviously have no idea what respect is and needs to be taught what's right and what isn't. Like I said, I was from a neighbourhood school and I am no stranger to these events. Counselling will NOT work on this kid. Instead, he would bear a grudge, and think that counselling is a waste of time. Or just be happy that he's missing lessons because of counselling.

Does this student expect everyone to give him everything all the time? School rules are here for a reason. We learn discipline in school for a reason. The simplest reason I would say is to prepare us when we join the workforce. Your boss will have a set of rules he expect you to follow and he will not tolerate any nonsense from you. If this student can't abide by the most straightforward school rules, then has the school or his parents fail in educating him? But you can't teach those who refuse to learn! 

If the school has high expectations for a student's behaviour, like the newspaper reported,
cane this student.

Why should we spare the rod and spoil the child, if caning means that this boy can learn his lesson? If he can't learn his lesson the easy way, then let him learn it the hard way. I believe this is not the first time this boy has been acting defiant. And if this is not the time to let him learn his lesson, then when? When he goes out into society to work, nobody's gonna let him have his way all the time. His boss is not going to say sorry to him! 

This is a good teacher. He is already putting down his pride to say sorry to this student, even when it was the student's fault in the first place. I can tell that he wants the best for his student. But why should he say sorry? He shouldn't be sorry. Besides, the moment he said sorry, he allowed the boy to make even more ridiculous demands. Teachers are here to nature, to teach us. They have all the right to tell you to sit the fuck down and do your work. I think this teacher has been very patient and he has already tried his best. 

I'm not saying I'm a saint; I've had my fair share of misbehaviour in class, even towards teachers sometimes. But I will never, never have the audacity to ask a teacher to apologise to me when I'm being the rude one in the first place. I understand how taxing it is to be a teacher, especially a secondary school teacher. Us teenagers are going through the rebellious age, trying to find our own identities and our teachers have a job in teaching us not just academically but also morally. All I ask for from these teenagers is to appreciate your teachers. Do you know how hard their job is?

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