Ash brown / Turquoise // Salon Vim Review #2

January 13, 2014

So... I changed my hair colour yet again. 2 months into being a blonde, I actually went to Salon Vim and dyed my hair brown again. I really loved my blonde hair but I just got together with my boyfriend at that time and he didn't fancy me being a blonde so I went ahead and dyed my hair brown.

I wasn't feeling too happy about it because I loved the attention my blonde hair gave me! And after months of such attention from my green, blue, and blonde hair, it sucked to go back to brown :(

I didn't blog about it because I wasn't really excited about my brown hair but I guess I'll do a quick post now!

This was immediately after I dyed it!

When I first dyed it, it was a rather dark shade of brown that I kinda hated :X Admittedly, I look better in darker shades of colour (I'm an asian afterall), but darker shades just don't go well with me because I swore to never go back to boring colours after graduation! My boyfriend loved it though lolol. My stylist, Joyce, told me to wash my hair often and give it a few weeks to fade.

And it did fade into a wonderful colour! The colour sort of faded off into a dirty blonde / bronde colour which I thought looks great on me! I will never trust my hair to anyone except Joyce again lolol.

But of course, I needed some attention and Chinese New Year is approaching anyway so I thought new year, new hair, right? So I booked an appointment with Joyce again and headed down to Salon Vim at Bugis!

I had initially wanted to dip-dye my hair but Joyce advised against it as she said that the dip-dye trend is dying out so I got the underneath of my hair highlighted instead!

And that's how this came about hehe. I also touched up my black roots after the longest time (ok, maybe just 3-4 months but ew black roots). The total cost added up to $190++, which is a little pricey in my opinion. I guess if I can find a salon that can give me the exact colour I don't mind changing salon :X But oh well.

I love the turquoise colour though! I'm not quite sure if it goes along well with my hair though but maybe it'll look better after it fades off a little!

YAY to crazy colours again! Somewhat. Lolol.

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