Jae & Jpsae Interview & Portfolio // Mass Communication in Ngee Ann Polytechnic

January 10, 2014

 It's been quite some time since I last uploaded a vlog and since the O Level results are gonna be out on Monday, I thought I should answer some frequently asked questions about JAE and JPSAE. (PART TWO HERE)

Some background info:
I did not score well enough to get into Mass Communication in Ngee Ann Poly or Media and Communication in Singapore Poly through JAE. These two were my top choices and I wanted to get in badly. I was obviously devastated when I received my O Level score (watch the video to find out what was my score if you only started reading my blog recently). I somehow learned about JPSAE and the rest is history. 

I talked a lot more about my interview (what the interviewers asked me, what was in my portfolio, etc) in my vlog so yup, watch if you're interested in applying for JPSAE and don't know how to go about doing it!

If you don't see a video, it's probably cos I privatised it due to personal reasons.
Please email me at onefivefourcm@hotmail.com for the video :-)

All I want to say is that you should follow your dreams. No matter what others tell you, stay firm in your stand, because this is your life. My mom never wanted me to study Mass Comm because she was so sure that if I study Mass Comm, I will become a reporter/journalist (common misconception) and my life would be in danger should I need to rush somewhere to report the news lolol. But I knew that I love the media and this is the industry I want to work in next time. If I had listened to my mother, and study something like business, I would probably regret my choice because that is not what I'm passionate about.

So never give up. Never ever ever give up. I know this sounds cheesy but I always believe that if you try hard enough, you will succeed. I bawled my eyes out on the day of my results because I thought all hope was lost. My teachers told me to not waste my first three choices that has COPs my score wasn't even close to. I know it sounds like they are very discouraging but I guess they are just trying to be realistic. They helped me a lot in preparing for my interview, which I'm forever grateful for. When there's a will, there will always be a way.

Like I mention in my vlog, I never regretted my choice despite the stress. And what made my journey as a media student special is that I know I'm meant to be here. People can tell me that my GPA sucks balls, or that I'm not good enough at this or that, but I know I'm chosen for a reason. The lecturers in NP chose me out of so many interviewees because they saw the potential in me, and this motivates me whenever I feel worn out. I'm here for a reason.

Oh yes, I thought I should talk a little more about the course I'm in now lest any of you are interested. I'm just a Year 1 so I can't tell you much but I'll try my best ^-^

First and foremost, Students of Film and Media Studies (FMS) do not really have exams (yay!). I had only one exam last semester and none this semester. It sounds awesome but it also means that we have a lot of projects to cover up for the lack of exams. All the things your senior told you about finding good group mates, and you might not want to work with your best friend for group projects? They are all true.

Here in FMS, people are quite ruthless. I know of many people who will put others down to get good grades or to get into the good books of others. But I've been rather fortunate because I haven't worked much with such people. And it's also true that it is very very very difficult to make best friends in Poly. I'm glad that I found two though.

Politics aside, school is pretty fun! Our year is separated into two semester. We rotate semesters every half a year. Last semester I had:
  • Sports and Wellness (at the god-forbidden 8am ugh)
  • Media in Society (where we learned about how media affects the society and how big a role media plays in the society)
  • Digital Photography (self-explanatory)
  • Location Production (which was basically video production and we got to play with real film equipments and even produced two films!)
  • Digital Media Fundamentals (a.k.a. Web Graphics, which I absolutely ADOREEEEEE!!! More than half the class hated this module though lolol. But if you love Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc, you would love this module)
  • Written Communications (this was a pain in the ass omfg. We had to write a thesis at the end of the semester which I got F for wtf)

This semester I am taking:
  • Exploring Contemporary Issues (it's an Interdisciplinary Studies module - kind of like Civics and Moral education we had in secondary school)
  • Graphics Communication (which is really interesting, especially if you love designing and typography)
  • Radio Production 1 (we're learning a lot on advertising and editing this year; we have another radio production in year 2 (by the way, all equipments we used are industry standards!) 
  • Marketing Communication (something along the lines of advertising - I really like this though!)
  • Speech Communication (mainly on public speaking which I'm damn afraid of ugh)
  • Social Psychology (haven't really figured out what this is about LOL)

And yes, FMS is filled with vain people. I guess you can already tell from how often I post #ootd(s) on Instagram, how I spam Facebook with photos of me almost everyday, and how much I spend on colouring my hair. If you love dressing up, having outrageous hair colour, takes self portraits everyday, then you will probably fit in to the FMS culture - no worries about that hahahaha.


Got updated by juniors following my blog that Joint Polytechnic Special Admissions Exercise (JPSAE) is now merged with Direct Poly Admission (DPA), and is named Early Admissions Exercise (EAE). I wouldn't think the interviews are any different so hopefully my tips still apply :)

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