January 15, 2015

Okay, I have answered at least 300 questions on my askfm about JPSAE (not even kidding) and I still have another 120++ questions that are unanswered. It doesn't help that most people are self-entitled and rude!!! :( I'm not obligated to do this okay, I'm taking time and sacrificing my sleep because I'm nice like that. *flips hair wtf*

Jokes aside, I'm just really thankful to Ngee Ann Poly that I got to live my dreams and I thought the least I could do was to give back to society. But I'm so tired of repeating myself for those who refuse to scroll through my answers or even Google for a simple answer so I'm just gonna consolidate the most frequently asked questions and link people here from now on.

Do note that whatever has been said here does not represent any schools or websites and I am merely speaking from personal experiences or my general knowledge of JPSAE. Please don't bring my blog to MOE or whichever poly you're applying for and go, "but she said this!!!" I just felt the need to put this disclaimer because people can be unbelievable sometimes.

1. What did you put in your portfolio?
Basically, include the achievements that you talked about during your jpsae application, any extra achievements that you think they should know, your o level results slip, and secondary school report/result slips. Also, go read my post and watch my video. (link)

2. What did the lecturers ask you?
Read my post and watch my video. (link)

3. Can I apply for JPSAE if I am *blabla* points away from the cut off point?
So long as you meet the requirements for JPSAE, you can apply. JPSAE doesn't care about your points whatsoever. As long as you have what it takes, the course will accept you. Anyway, I was 5 points above from Mass Comm's cut off point of 10 and I'm still here so yup!

4. What did you write in your 500 characters essay?
"I frequently top the class in English & overall results. I received the Edusave good progress award & my writing was published in The Little Red Dot. I was the chairman of my class, in charge of designing & updating my class blogs & class tees, & received an A for Project Work, proving that I get along well with my peers. I performed at the SYF Opening Ceremony as part of the choir. Being a journalist has always been my dream & this course will allow me to pick up skills needed in the industry."

5. I have no achievements whatsoever but I really want to get in to the course. What should I do?
Any CIP? Ever topped the class in anything? Why do you want to get in? Talk about your passion and how the course can aid you in your future career path!

6. Any tips for the interview?
Stay calm, be confident, smile, look good, dress smart. First impressions matter more than you think they do. Do your research on your desired course and know what you're saying during the interview.

7. When was your interview? / When did you get the call?
In my year (batch of 2012), the results release date was 10 January 2013, I got the call and email on 18 January and my interview was on 22 January.

8. Do you think I can make it through JPSAE if I *blabla achievements*? / What are the chances of me getting in?
I have no say in this; it really depends on your achievements - how big are they and how are they related to your course - plus how you fared for your interview. Plus your chances of getting in are dependent on many factors like the number of people applying for your course, your portfolio, what can you give the course should they accept you.

9. What do I do if I don't have any testimonials to bring to the interview?
I didn't have any either so don't worry too much about the testimonials. In fact, my interviewers didn't asked about it at all.

10. Will the school call if my application gets rejected?
No, the school only calls up those who have been shortlisted for interviews.

11. I don't have any leadership position, will I still make it through JPSAE?
Meh, I didn't even go for my CCA so don't worry about that LOL. As I said, if they see the potential in you, you will get the course.

12. Did you photocopy your portfolio/results slips or gave them the original?
I made a photocopy in case they want to keep my portfolio but my interviewers didn't ask about my portfolio at all which was rather surprising. I'm not sure if any lecturers keep any of the portfolio but it's always better to only give them the photocopied versions.

13. How should my portfolio look like?
I didn't have a front page at all lololol. I just put everything into a clear A4 protector and went for the interview. It'll be great if you can have a front page lest they ask for your portfolio because first impression counts!

14. Am I allowed to choose two different courses from the same polytechnic / two different courses from different polytechnics / two same courses from different polytechnic?
Yes, you can do that.

15. What do you think was so special about your application that got you into Mass Comm via JPSAE?
If I have to pinpoint one thing, I'd say it's the fact that I started advertising on my Twitter and blog when social media marketing wasn't that much of a huge deal yet. I was part of the growth and I am well-versed in online media, which, I think, impressed my interviewers.

16. What did you wear for your interview / what should I wear for my interview?

This was what I wore but thinking back, I wouldn't recommend it. My skirt's too short and denim is probably too casual, plus my top was a crop top. I'd say it's better to dress up rather than down - I'd rather wear a formal business attire compared to jeans. But of course, this is just my opinion and I am not a lecturer so I don't know what do they really think.


That's all for now and I'll keep on adding in new questions that I get asked a lot.

For any other questions that you have but are unlisted here, feel free to ask me at my askfm. I'll try to answer them as soon as possible!

Good luck, everyone! :-)

Update: Just got the news that Joint Polytechnic Special Admissions Exercise (JPSAE) has been merged with Direct Poly Admission (DPA) to form Early Admissions Exercise (EAE).

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