Friends... Or not.

January 24, 2015

We aren't as close as we used to be; I didn't say it but I'm sure I made you feel it. I know you, I know you'd think too much and wonder what happened. Before you come and question me, take a step back, look at your life, evaluate our friendship then ask yourself the same question.

I'm so tired. So tired of being taken for granted. So tired of being the person people take advantage of. Ask yourself this, throughout our friendship have I ever ever ever treated you unfairly? Have I treated you the way you treat me?

I won't say I'm the best friend in the world but at least my conscience is clear. Despite me being unhappy with you or your actions, I kept quiet. I may not have been a good friend to you in the recent months, but at the very least I didn't do to you what you did to me. You crossed the boundaries time and again.

The people closest to me know that I'm a really sweet friend but cross my limits and I'll be the biggest bitch you'll ever meet. My niceness is only reserved for those who deserve it. And you obviously don't. I gave you chances after chances to redeem yourself, but you didn't.

I didn't say anything because I'm not even looking to mend whatever we had anymore. If only it was a one-off problem or that it was a minor problem, I would have let it go. I hold on to grudges, but I cherish friendships even more. But it wasn't. You threw me down to climb your way up. You've crossed the line just too many times, and I'm not even sure if we can remain as friends.

Two years ago, I made a vow to remove all the toxic people in my life and I don't intend to break this promise anytime soon. Unfortunately you are one of the toxic friends. I don't wish to repeat on such a public platform all the things you did that pissed me off, neither do I see a point in this friendship anymore.

You can call me selfish, childish, whatever. My stand remains - that 做朋友就要讲义气 (friends should remain loyal). If not then what's the point of even being friends in the first place? I have given you enough chances. Since we have different set of values in life, we might as well go our separate ways, right?

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