Social media is confusing

January 20, 2015

Social media confuses me sometimes. In real life, if you're sad, you cry; if you're happy, you laugh. Why should it be any different on social media? You always see people posting sweet things but never the bad things. Why do people find the need to only present their best side on their Instagram and Twitter accounts?

Some say it's because only the good things are worth remembering. But if only the joyful things are worth remembering, how are we going to learn? It's through tears that we learn, not a bed of roses. Some say the same logic applies to why we only take photos when we're happy and smiling but not when we're sad and crying. But isn't this a form of deception?

So many times I looked at someone's Instagram and wished I am her because her life seemed to be perfect. But once I learn more about that person, I find out that every photo is just a shell and that girl might not even be a happy person deep inside. Everyone's life is dysfunctional on some level, and I am no exception. I don't want people to look at me and go, "Wow, I wish I had her life."

I don't get why do people only expect me to post nice things because that's not who I am, not what I want to be seen as. I feel that it's too pretentious of me if I only share the happy things with people who follow me or read my blog. I have good days and bad days; some more than the other. I will write whatever I feel on whichever day I feel like writing. I am human too and I want people to know that. I don't get why must I lie about my emotional well-being on social media just so I can impress the people I don't even know.

Being happy all the time isn't me at all and I'm not interested in presenting myself as someone I'm not just to make it look like I have a perfect life. I don't have one, and I don't mind not having one. I might have days when I feel shitty about myself but at the end of the day, I'm grateful for all the experiences life throw at me.

I'm happy being imperfect and living my imperfect life. Perfection is too boring anyway.

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  1. Human instinct lah...a handsome guy and a not so handsome guy..who will catch your attention? yes? no? yes? no? yesssss....

    1. it's not about who catches my attention but why don't people choose to put who they really are out there and why do they expect me to do the same?