Colours of the wind

January 09, 2015

Like the way you tried your hardest to get his attention.
Like the colour you saw when he muttered his first "I love you."
Like the moment you realised you weren't what he was looking for.

Like the moment you realise with him, you'll never run out of things to talk about.
Like the way he livens up a room, the way people naturally crowd around him.
Like the eventual difference that drove you apart.

Like the colour you saw when he mouthed, "We can work this out."
Like the days you spent drawing his name over your textbooks again.
Like the way your heart still beats fast when you see his name on the screen of phone.

Like the colour you saw when you saw him with the flowers he bought not for you.
Like the moment when you wished you were her.
Like the way you were suddenly unhappy with your life and only wanted everything she ever had.

Like the way you never left despite the countless floods; when you stood by him despite the difficulties.
Like what you felt you finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.
Like the colour you saw right before the screams, the hurt, the blood and the tears.

Like colour you thought you saw when he said he has changed.
Like the followings nights you spent wondering where did he go.
Like the way you let things slide because of your cowardliness.

Like what you felt when you saw him in a room full of people.
Like the instant you saw him maneuver through the room just to get to you.
Like the way he held you in his arms and you wished it could last a whole lifetime.

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