Losing weight

May 16, 2014

Note: Except for cropping, all photos in this blog post are unfiltered and unedited.

A little after I first got together with my boyfriend, I let myself go. I started wearing only t-shirt and shorts and no longer cared much about my image. My thinking back then was "why bother dressing up and looking good when we're just going to stay at home anyway?"

However, it dawned on me that I was being self-centered. While I became lazier and lazier, my boyfriend never let himself go. He dresses himself well even if he was just sending me home. So I decided I should put in more effort to look good - which in turn makes my boyfriend looks good as well.

I tried dressing up but I didn't know what to wear because I looked horrible in everything anyway.

I felt fat in most of the clothes I wore and nothing could give me the confidence to wear nicer clothes. I hated taking photos and even contemplated on photoshopping all my photos, only to realise that it was too much work. T~T

My friends couldn't understand what was I whining about because camera angles made me look much skinnier than I actually am. It also helped that my arms and legs are relatively skinny but what I was actually self-conscious about was my tummy.

I had no waistline to speak of and my tummy was bulging. I hated the sight of it when I bathe and I pinch my fats constantly at night, hoping they would go away. As many of you know, I've always been really really really self-conscious about my weight (seen from my previous post in November).

In November, weighing at 46kg, I was the fattest I've ever been. My confidence hit rock bottom and I felt so horrible daily. Then one day, I decided to just do something about it and stop being fat and lazy. Complaining wasn't going to help me lose weight.

I was never overweight - always within the healthy weight range, or underweight so it came as a surprise to many when I started exercising to lose weight. But losing weight it makes me feel good, I'll give it a shot. So I started by downloading workout apps on my phone but not just any workout apps - I downloaded apps with workouts requiring less than 10 minutes, specifically targeted at the abdomen.

It wasn't much but bit by bit, I saw improvements weeks after my first workout and that motivated me to continue even more! I started going for evening jogs too because why not!

I started seeing more progress yay!
(Yes I pretty much repeat my sleeping clothes every week.)
(And I do wash my shorts - it's just like I like working out with this pair of shorts because it's loose.)

Yay I can see my thigh gap again! Yeah, I know people are going to say that thigh gap isn't good, thigh gap means blablablabla. I'm not bothered by whatever people say because the most important thing is that I'm happy ^~^

I also bought a bikini to motivate myself to work out and slim down even more. While I'm still far from my ideal body, I'm just glad I took the first step and made progress. :-)

Sadly, I've stopped working out so much since school started. Year 2 has been so busy for me that I haven't even found time to go running since this semester started T-T The good news is that I've learned to stop being so hard on myself. Hopefully, I'll be able to go back to my routine when my hell submission weeks are over.

Looking back at these photos make me feel the motivation to continue my journey even though school has been really hectic for me.

My weight loss isn't drastic but it surely made me a happier person with more confidence! :-)

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  1. Hii what exercises do u did and also did u follow a diet plan? Or ate normally?