Set me free.

May 07, 2014

Absence. Void. Emptiness.
An unoccupied space. The lack of feelings.
The vacancy in your heart that allows your mind to wander endlessly.

The voices taunted you countless times.
The thoughts haunt you everyday.
You feel yourself falling, you feel the walls you put up crumble.

Do you actually let go of someone, or do you just release the feelings you had?
Do you actually ever stop feeling the pain, or do you just get numbed by it?
Do you actually forget someone, or does the void just eats that unoccupied space up?
I don't have the answers. Can anyone give you any satisfactory answer?

Yet, one day the heartbreak will go away.
You'll wake up and realise that you don't really need him after all.
You feel the pain less with each passing day.
You won't care anymore but you don't notice it.
You realise that you have better things to worry about.

You thought you would die without him, but you lived.
You're still breathing, and you're happy with what you have now.
Yes, even if it means you don't have him anymore.

You've been set free.
You will be free.

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