Ex-Boyfriend's 21st birthday // #yc21st // Part 2

April 29, 2014

I didn't blog much in March because I've been busy planning my boyfriend's 21st birthday! Part 1 of his birthday was the gift that I got him and this was the second part of his 21st birthday :B

Finally the day came - we celebrated my boyfriend's 21st birthday on 12 April 2014 and I'm glad he had fun ^~^ I've been preparing for his birthday since late November and it was great to see everything coming together!

I initially didn't want to blog about this because I'm kinda lazy :x But while I was researching for my boyfriend's 21st birthday, lots of blog posts helped me so I guess I should also blog about it in case some people need help too hahaha.

There was a lot of hiccups along the way though. The first being the venue. My boyfriend had a long list of friends he was going to invite and most hotels are too small! Chalets weren't a choice either because of the many obstacles (NSRCC and Treehouse Villa fully booked, Coasta Sands too small, etc).

Fortunately, the photobooth company I hired managed to source out Amara Sanctuary Resorts for me! I booked the one bedroom villa after much research and at +/- $950 a night, it was slightly pricey but at least able to fit all the guests, food and photobooth.

I loved how spacious and beautiful it was but I was greatly disappointed by the fact that even though the check in timing was at 3pm and we reached at 4:30pm, we were still unable to check in. Many guests faced that problem that day so if you're planning to celebrate your birthday there, you should take this into consideration.

Secondly, it was hard to find a company that delivers balloons to Sentosa at a reasonable pricing. After intense searching on Google, I managed to find one. However, I wouldn't mention the company as I feel that their customer service is quite horrible :/

There was a lot more problems I faced when planning for the event but I won't elaborate on them since they aren't the main point. The main point is that my boy enjoyed himself. I guess I'll just let the pictures do the talking! I didn't manage to take a lot of photos though because I was really busy that day :-(

Most of the photos were taken by my friends who came down early to help us out! Very very thankful for them because if not for them, we wouldn't have managed to transform the place and set things up so quickly :-)

Also, some of my boyfriend's friends/family members are very private people so I'm wont be posting too much of their photos to respect their privacy!

25 silver and 25 black balloons!
I initially also ordered the golden 2 and 1 balloons too but because the balloon company did not tie the balloons tightly, both of them flew up to the sky -_- Please hold your balloons properly if you're having a party okay if not your heart will ache like mine did that day T-T

The photobooth company setting things up!
I was very pleased with their services that day so if you'll interested to find out which company I hired, scroll down a little more!

So thankful for my Soulmate for coming down to help out, for accompanying me to Sunshine Plaza (which is damn ulu) to print my boyfriend's poster and being there for me throughout the planning of the whole event. And for staying with me because I'm awkward as fuck even though she's also awkward hahaha. Love you bitch ♡

When girls gather together, there's bound to be a bitchfest wtf

Cake from Awfully Chocolate, which was left in ice cream freezer with the receptionist at Amara Sanctuary because it was too big to fit in the fridge wtf. Anyway, I got this cake at only +/- $195. Had a huge discount because of my Soulmate's staff discount woooooo!

 My annoying bitch who has been there for me since the start of poly, before my boyfriend and I even got together. Thanks for being such a great help and staying with me even after everyone has left. ♡

Guestbook area! A pity I didn't get a photo of it after setting it up though T-T

Basically, I designed a cover image for the guestbook and placed the markers, some blue tacks, my polariod and 9 packs of films there for the guests to decorate their pages. I also left two signs there indicating the hashtag for them to use if they are posting any photos on Instagram. The hashatag kinda failed though because Instagram was down that night wtf T___T

Woke up next morning to a great view and this was my boyfriend trying to take a picture with the balloons which has already ran out of helium wtf. 


The pictures from the photobooth were printed out in photo strips with the overlay the photobooth company's designer and I co-designed and after printing, the strips were put in a customised envelope which I designed. I love how it turned out!!!

They also uploaded our photos with the overlay on Facebook and also on a separate gallery where it's in high resolution! ^-^ Here are the photos from the photobooth!

If anyone's interested, the photobooth company I hired was Running Media. Prior to the event, I did a lot of research and they had the best pricing and offered the best services, be it during the event or post-event. I was, of course, happy with their service provided before, during, and after the event.

If you know me in real life, I'm very anal when it comes to designing - the pixels, colours, fonts must all be accurate. Despite me asking a change in the design endless times, the people at Running Media were still very patient, which is rare because even my friends get fed up with me after a while hahahahaa ftl.

They are also providing my boyfriend with a A3 poster of a collage of the photos taken that day! Of all the photobooth companies I searched on, only Running Media provides this service, which is really great because my boyfriend will be able to hang this on his wall! :-)

Nothing but praises for Running Media :-) Definitely worth every penny spent!

And finally,
Happy (belated) 21st birthday, darling.
I'm not gonna say much because I'm not a mushy person to begin with and 
I've already wrote you 21 letters but I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

P.S. If you're looking for things to do around Amara Sancuary, it's actually nestled comfortably in Sentosa, where you can find Universal Studios Singapore (click here to get the tickets at a cheaper price)SEA Aquarium, and iFly — I doubt you'll ever need to worry about running out of things to do there!

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  1. Hi can i check with you were did you get the backdrop ? the silver one

    1. Hello Anonymous! It's from the photobooth that I hired, Running Media :-) You can do a Google search for them :)

  2. hello may I know if all yours guests leave by 7pm as the policy actually state that guests have to leave by 7pm. and that the resort is a non party resort. may I know how do you managed to come up with this? because I have already book the venue and was received a email by the resort that the venue was not allow for party. hence I was worried that I might not be able to hold the party there despite its already booked. or it doesn't matter? and we can just ignore it as long as we did not make too much noise while celebration going on?

    I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you so much. :)

    1. hmm, they did state that no party is allowed but i thin k you should be fine as long as your guests aren't too noisy! :)

  3. Hi are all the tables u used to hold the food and everything else provided? :)

    1. the tables are provided by the hotel :)

  4. Hi did you hire external caterers?

    1. the food were prepared by my bf's mom! :)

  5. hey. thanks for posting this. how many people did they allow to stay overnight? is the managment strict on this?

  6. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.