Ex-Boyfriend's 21st birthday // #yc21st // Part 1

April 23, 2014

Some people asked me what did I get for my boyfriend's 21st birthday so I decided to just blog about it! Okay, maybe if nobody asked, I would have blogged about it all the same because I'm excited to be able to finally share it with everyone!!!

I actually spent an exorbitant amount of money on his birthday party already so I decided to just make something for him. I had so many ideas but I just couldn't settle for one because they all seem great!

Then I remembered that my boyfriend lovesssssss receiving letters from me. When he's having a tough week in army whatsoever, I will always encourage him by telling him there's a letter for him when he books out and it always makes his days a little better.

That's when the idea of writing him 21 letters formed. There were many ideas on the internet but I decided to make it more personal so I made up quite a few of my own.

The 21 glorious completed letters laid down together ^-^

I wasn't sure how should I decorate the letters so I designed 21 labels with some of my favourite fonts and printed them out! I really love the end results ^-^ I sealed up the letters using the cute stickers I collected over the years and they looked great!

The letters consisted of:
  • Open a day after your 21st
  • Open when you want a trip down memory lane
  • Open when we're having a fight
  • Open when you don't feel good about yourself
  • Open when you miss me badly
  • Open when I seem distant
  • Open when you don't know what present to get me
  • Open when you can't sleep
  • Open on our first anniversary
  • Open when you need reassurance about us
  • Open when you think about our future together
  • Open when you need to know how much I love you
  • Open after you had a bad and tiring day
  • Open when you're overseas for deployment
  • Open when you're feeling sick
  • Open when you feel like giving up on us
  • Open when I'm too busy with school to write you more letters
  • Open when you're bored
  • Open on the last day of 2014
  • Open when you ORD
  • Open this last

Each of them consist of a letter and some of them have little surprises in them. I can't say what they are or what I wrote because my boyfriend hasn't open the letters yet but if you really wish to know, ask me in private :p

I have never done so much for anyone before and the idea sounded too huge and a little crazy at first but I'm glad I did it because my boyfriend loved it :) I wasn't sure how long it would take so I started this immediately after confirming the idea (a little after Valentine's Day) and barely managed to complete them a few days before his birthday on 12 April so it took me around 2 months.

Even though it was a lot of hard work and my hands felt like breaking at times, I really enjoyed the process of hunting for little presents and putting myself in the situation. It's a bit tricky writing about the future but it was fun! ^^

The trickiest part is getting him a present that can be more awesome than this in the future wtf. Good luck, me.

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  1. Can you please share what they said now?

    1. Please email me if you really wish to know :-)

  2. Can you pls tel me what you had written in those letters??

    1. Please email me if you really wish to know :-)

  3. As i rly want to know because i have to do it for my bf and im nt able to write anything..plss rpy asap..

    1. I'd say that you should write what YOU feel about him instead of what I feel about my boyfriend even if you're not so good with words. It's the sincerity that counts, am I right? :)

  4. Hello, I am Italian and I do not speak English very well so excuse me if I make some mistakes I was curious from your idea , I know what's in each letter ? great idea compliments

  5. Hello? Can you tell ne what inside those letters??