Dirty little liars.

April 25, 2014

I hate it when people introduce me as a blogger. I feel that the term is too loosely used in Singapore - anyone who owns a blogspot/wordpress/tumblr can call themselves a blogger. And let's face it, a lot people have shit views about bloggers. Whenever a blogger receives sponsorship, people think it's just free stuff and they don't think about the efforts put in doing up advertorials and what not. So I never ever introduce myself as a blogger.

Embarrassingly, my boyfriend does it often. "This is Regine, and she's a blogger." Ugh, I just think people who introduce themselves as bloggers (and have like only 300 unique views daily lol wtf) are very pretentious!!! While I own a blog and do advertising every now and then on my Twitter, my main motivation is not wanting to make it big and get "free things." Yes, it'll be great if my blog gets popular but I want to be known for my writing and not anything else.

However, there are some bloggers on the "market" who wants to be known so that they can get sponsorships. I mean, it's totally fine if you provide your client what they deserve and what you both agreed upon (e.g. a sponsored outfit for an Instagram shoutout). What isn't fine is LYING ABOUT YOUR STATS.

As all of you should know, I ventured into a little business recently and I started an Instagram account officially yesterday. Then, I received an email from this girl.

First things first - calling me dear when we don't even know which other is already very unprofessional. But I can let that go especially since she's probably no older than 16. But please, just don't go around calling people your dear.

Anyway, I instinctively went to her blog and stalked her a little to find out more about her. 4100+ Instagram followers and 300-400 likes per photo - pretty impressive I must say. But with only have 500 readers daily? The numbers don't match up.

I got a little suspicious because I was aware that you can buy Instagram followers and likes. I went on to her Twitter. Barely 400 followers. Now the numbers really don't match up. How can someone have 4100 Instagram followers but only 400 Twitter followers? Seem like somebody forgot to buy Twitter followers as well, huh? ;-)

Because I was already suspicious, I went to dig deeper into the girl's Instagram account and this was what I found:

If this isn't proof that she buys her followers and likes, then I don't know what is.

And guess what?

Her Twitter has lots of fake followers as well (but the amount is not as exaggerated as her Instagram followers).

What about her blog then? She has an Imotiv account, which is basically Twitter for blogs, and she publicizes that with a badge on her blog. I clicked on that. One follower - herself. At this point, I more or less knew that her stats were fake but I still replied her.

I'll be honest - I already had little to no intentions of working with her but I decided to give her a benefit of doubt and further clarified.

She replied with this image:

If you look at the image carefully, you can clearly see that the resolution of the words on the left is different from the resolution of the numbers on the right. While I can't confirm if this screenshot has been tampered with, I can confirm that the numbers are DEFINITELY fake. Without a doubt AT ALL. 

With 500-600 views daily, your monthly viewership should at least be 15k instead of 5k. This screenshot proves nothing because Blogger's default stats shows your views, not unique views. Showing only your views means that every time you refresh your page, you get a new blog view and it also means that it is very easy for lots of "bloggers" who only want sponsorships to lie about their stats.

Basically, your views is the number of page views and your unique views refer to the number of visitors you get. You can get 20 unique views and 500 views per day and it only means that someone is constantly refreshing your page. You see, depending on which one you mention, you get very different results.

I sent this girl another email to ask about her unique views.

No replies. I was beyond frustrated because her Instagram shows many advertorials she did for various blogshops and I feel bad for them for falling for her tricks (lol so many 'for's in a sentence).

So I sent another one clarifying my doubts before I decided to publicize her name and blog.

No replies either and I'm not surprised. 

I'm not doing this to defame her on purpose but I just really hope that blogshop owners can be more discerning about who they engage or you'll just be left wondering why your advertorial didn't work and business is not coming in.

I really encourage blogshop owners to not be lazy and do a bit of stalking before they decide whether to work with a blogger or not. A little bit can go a long way and I'm sure you don't wish to waste your money engaging little liars either.

And to those who lie about their stats, let this be a warning. You can lie, but someone will find out the dirty truth one day and it definitely won't look pretty.

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