To you.

April 02, 2014

I love how your name sound when it leaves my lips, how my heart feels when I hear your name, even till today. I talk endlessly about you occasionally just to hear your name because it brings me such wonderful vibe. It's funny how much things can change over a year huh? 365 days ago, I wouldn't believe it if anyone informed me there would be a day I stop using your name.

It's crazy, just like how our love is. The insane number of times we laugh when we are together, the silly things we do to put a smile on each other's face, the strange way my heart still skips a beat when I think of you and everything we have, the way I yearn for your touch again the moment we say goodbye.

Your voice gives me the warmest, fuzziest feelings even if it's just over the phone. More often than not, I eavesdrop on your conversations not because there's no trust between us but because I'm in love with every part of you - even your voice. How am I still so infatuated remains a baffling mystery to me and it scares me sometimes. I have never felt this much, this sure, this secure before. Feeling something so strong, so perplexing is so new to me.

Family apart, never has anyone treated me the way you treat me. Never have I connected with anyone so easily. All those risks were worth it, they were so worth it. You make me see the things I couldn't see, you make me smile even when I'm annoyed at you, you make the stars shine even in the darkest nights. 

To you who made me the happiest girl,

Thank you.

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