Starbucks just can't my name right.

June 29, 2014

You know how in places like Dominos Pizza and Starbucks Coffee, cashiers ask customers for their names to go with their orders? Yeah, I have recently resorted to calling myself Pek because nobody seems to get Regine right at first try.

I'm an avid fan of Starbucks but their baristas (or are they cashiers? Whatever, I'm gonna refer to them as baristas in my post. Correct me if I'm wrong) have never ever gotten my name right. Except this once but it was only because the barista is my friend so he could spell my name. I don't think it's a tradition for Starbucks in Singapore to ask for their customers' names because I hardly get asked but it's like they have an agreement.

I don't take any offence because my name isn't that common and what's there to be offended about anyway? I usually have a good laugh over it when I'm done feeling embarrassed for holding up the queue because I'm trying to get the barista to spell my name right LOL. When I recounted my stories to my friends they found it real funny so I thought I would share some of them here.

Before I started calling myself Pek, I always tried getting them to write my name. I would reply Regine when they ask for my name. To which they will proceed to write Eugene on my cup. DO I LOOK LIKE A EUGENE? T-T

Or they will go, "sorry?" and I will spell my name out. But for some reason, they still can't get the spelling right!!! I was once Egin, which wasn't that bad because they only missed out a couple of letters. Another time, I confused the barista so much that he told my friend after me to write her name herself because he couldn't stand the stress anymore wtf lolol.

But the other time my name became Rgein. The poor guy who had to call out for me went "Ra ra ah ahhhh..... Chocolate chip cream!" I almost thought he was going to break into a Lady Gaga song.

That was when I decided I'm going to call myself Pek. The worst it could get is get spelt as Peck instead because that's how my surname is pronounced, right? Wrong.

A couple of days back, when a barista asked me for my name, I spelt out, "P-E-K." She looks at me confused so I repeated myself. Then I repeated myself yet anothwe time. She looks at me, still puzzled, and asked, "Park???"

I thought it was just her accent and I didn't want to seem like an asshole for correcting her if it's just her accent so I nodded.

Well, nice to meet you, I'm pakyj.

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