July 05, 2014

You have not changed. Not even one bit. Not since I met you.
It's unnerving, because you're still as manipulative as ever.

I've never been particularly closed to you, except this one period of time. Even so, I wouldn't consider us as close friends. Perhaps just a bit more than the hi-bye friends we are now. I've heard about the things you did but your actions never bothered me much because they were none of my business anyway.

Until recently. 

Until I saw with my own eyes the extent you would go to get what you wanted, even if it meant hurting the ones you "love". It makes me wonder if the word love even exists in your dictionary.
Until I witnessed how you could just come and go as you wish without batting an eye.
Until I caught a glimpse of the hurt you inflicted in your so-called friends' life.
Until I caught on to your ruthlessness.

I see you getting them confused yet captivated in your little game.
I see them getting drowned your deception.
I see the truth you distorted.
You can hide but I see them all.

The entire façade you put up, the lies you built your life around.
Doesn't it get tiring?

It's been years and you're still doing the same things, albeit to different people.
Will you resort to anything just to get to where you want to be?

I think I know the answer.
You know it too.

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